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Suggestion to Expand Torrent-Only Albums (Don't Shoot!)

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Okay, just wanted to throw out a quick idea that came to mind when I saw that other Torrent thread here (which is closed, thus the reason for this thread).

(yes, I realize this could *possibly* been discussed here before)

The main point I'd like to bring up is that in certain locations, torrenting is expressly forbidden, or at the very least, frowned upon.

Some places throttle a user's connection when torrenting is detected, amongst other reactions.

My suggestion would be to shop around a bit, and settle on one (or two, or three, for backup/redundancy purposes) upload site, ideally for the benefit of OC-Remix. An upload site being one which gives out small amounts of money per X amount of downloads (think MegaUpload, MediaFire are the two that come immediately to mind, but so many have cropped up that again, I think it's best to shop around and check the price / X amount of downloads at each site).

The idea basically, besides providing an alternative to torrenting, would be to generate a small amount of revenue for the site to help with server costs / hosting fees, etc. It's *probably* not going to pay for the entire thing, but if it was encouraged as a way to help keep the site running smooth (and funded), I imagine that it certainly would help, especially as OC-Remix becomes more and more widely known.

(yes, I know OC-Remix has been around quite awhile, I've known about it for years personally, I'm mainly referencing the fact that these upload sites work on a per-download basis, so the more an album got downloaded, the more revenue OC-Remix could generate)

I feel this *potentially* nails 2 birds with 1 stone - providing an alternative to torrents (for whatever reasons users may have to avoid them), and assisting with funding for OC-Remix.

This could also be expanded to individual songs / mp3s, or as a way to provide FLAC (lossless) versions of the regular OC-Remix songs that aren't included in a full album / collection.

Just throwing this idea out into the void. Any thoughts?

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We are not going to use any medium that requires listeners to pay. Pretty much end of discussion on that one. Not about the money.

I know our official arrange albums always have direct download options for each song with multiple mirrors. The only ones I can find without it are original OSTs.

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Oh sorry, I figured the money came from the user not the site.

I don't know enough about the distribution costs to say if it's worth doing, but there are torrent alternatives for more or less everything we've released so far, in addition to third party uploads of big zip folders to megadownload etc. If people want it they can get it 99% of the time.

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I kind of understand what Guardian_Force is saying.

Basically some websites like megaupload, rapidshare, mediafire, etc. "Pay" in either account points, or sometimes real cash for every download that comes through them, they do this because of ads and the such they show to whomever is downloading. Adding the torrent contents, albums, or flac versions of the basic mp3 songs released to these file hosters.

The torrent problem isn't necessarily a problem if I remember correctly that utorrent (also owned by bit torrent) made uTP and even open sourced it to libutp. http://torrentfreak.com/utorrent-2-0-to-elimininate-the-need-for-isp-throttling-091031/


This to help the ISPs with their largest problem of network congestion, dealing with countries who don't allow torrents, you most likely would need a proxy anyways to reach the sites you visit.

I think the best use would be a backup of the Flac albums for easy download like the mp3 when released. Users choice and all that.

All the mp3's released as flac would be nice but I put a very low chance that will ever happen, considering age and likelihood of lost/damaged files.

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