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Scatterbrain - Mindless Music (DJ Mix Series)

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I've been an amateur DJ for a little while now, and while I'm not quite up to the standard of Beatdrop or Global-Trance, I'm beginning to get a bit more confident in my abilities - So I thought I'd share some of my efforts with you all! I'm mostly interested in ambient, glitch, dubstep and drum & bass, but I'm always on the lookout for good music elsewhere too.

Wish You Were Here - The first set I have for you is a 50 minute mix, taking a look at the more spaced-out side of dubstep, with influences from genres such as house, UK garage and techno.

If you like what you're hearing in these mixes, I also host a show on a local community radio station and have uploaded some of my recordings to Mixcloud (music only). These will occasionally feature guest mixes by other local DJs in a variety of styles (largely relating to sample-based music and the UK dance music scene).

Thanks to Global-Trance for inspiring me with his mixes back in 2005 (my join date is deceptive; I've been lurking under a different account or two for several years :tomatoface:) and to Beatdrop for inspiring me to post this one today!

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Bumping with more audio goodness!

I recently had the pleasure of playing the opening set for Clark (Warp) and Ikonika (Hyperdub) here in Sydney - it was a crazy night, with sounds ranging from banging/funky house to gritty, lurching beats and 180bpm breakbeat chaos.

I recorded a redux of my set from the night, which follows on in a similar vein to my previous mix - a selection of garage and techno-inspired dubstep.

Check it out! Index Reduction Mix

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