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  1. I'm currently undertaking a Bachelor of Music degree in composition and music production at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney. One of the units I took this trimester was an ensemble collaborative class. Typically these are for performance or recording, but this was the first time such a class had been run with the goal of creating a soundtrack for an indie video game. Myself and five other students wrote the music for Postbug, a Boulderdash-esque indie game developed by George Hemingway in Melbourne. The game is now live with our music, which can also be bought/streamed via Bandcamp. (I'm Joel, and I contributed the track for levels Jelly Drain, Water World and Bug Fort.) It was a rewarding experience- working to a brief, consulting with the developer and collaborating with other musicians with diverse styles and skill sets. I'm looking forward to more work like this in my next trimester, and have also lined up a paid job writing for another game developer (I'll likely post about that when it goes live!)
  2. Hey guys, I've just uploaded my 30 minute entry mix for a national (Australian) drum & bass DJ competition. I've been DJing for a few years now, but not entered before. If you're after a high-energy mix of dance music, give it a listen. Stream / Download Here Tracks marked * are by Australian producers. Tracklist: P-80 & Rattraps - Sleepless* JETS - Pink Beat Tripletrain - Too Obsessed Ital Tek - Gonga Moresounds - Riddim Again JV - Standover* Jonny Faith - Zheng (Anomie’s Delirious Remix)* Machinedrum - U Don’t Survive (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) Fidser - Got My Bottle Rattraps & Luisterwaar - Dreadnought* COMOC - Grind It Iljus Wifmo - Frenetic* Heart Drive - When Droids Cry Letabruthaknow - Tear Juker (What About Us)* EDIT: The entry mix landed me a spot in the Sydney heat, DJing in front of about 200 people. I scored a tied second place! Here's my live mix recorded on the night: Stream / Download Tracklist: The Winstons - Amen, Brother Beach Club & Relic - Jungle War Dub Alix Perez - RIP N DIP Lennie de Ice - We Are i.e. (Om Unit Edit) Mark Pritchard, Danny Breaks & Om Unit - Alien Titmarsh Riddim Moresounds - Hour of Doom Africa HiTech - Out In the Streets VIP Rattraps - Is It Really Love?* 4hero - Mr Kirk's Nightmare (The Renegades Remix) >> Traxman - Callin All Freaks Tripletrain - Too Obsessed Beyonce - Mine (Machinedrum Remix) Spinscott - Variations Ticklish x Boogie Dan - Wanna Be Your Lover DJ Rashad - Drank, Kush, Barz (feat. DJ Spinn) Rattraps & Nangdo - Caps Lock* Addison Groove - I Go Boom (DJ Rashad Remix) Lux Familiar - Danger Zone Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Machinedrum Remix)
  3. Hey OCR, Been a while since I've checked in, but I've been steadily chipping away at writing tracks over the last two years. Here's one I finished about a week ago, drawing inspiration from Chicago juke, classic Warp IDM/ambient sounds, dub and drum & bass (as well as a cheeky Motown reference). https://soundcloud.com/scatterbrain/where-did-my-baby-go EDIT: This tune has been officially released on Various Artists - FuFa Music, Volume 2 - a free download via Bandcamp, compiling tracks from 13 Sydney-based producers, in styles ranging from hip-hop and trap to footwork.
  4. I love you too, man. :3 Hope to see you soon!

  5. It's been a while, but here's a new mix! Scatterbrain - By the Time I Get to Phoenix Mix A selection of dubstep and related sounds by artists that have featured at the Void and Index club nights here in Sydney, Australia.
  6. Ah, thanks Skryp! I hadn't done a drum & bass mix in a while, so this evening I thought I'd procrastinate a little (university composition assignment due tomorrow, of course!) and put together a few tunes I've been digging lately. Tea and A Biscuit Mix
  7. Bumping with more audio goodness! I recently had the pleasure of playing the opening set for Clark (Warp) and Ikonika (Hyperdub) here in Sydney - it was a crazy night, with sounds ranging from banging/funky house to gritty, lurching beats and 180bpm breakbeat chaos. I recorded a redux of my set from the night, which follows on in a similar vein to my previous mix - a selection of garage and techno-inspired dubstep. Check it out! Index Reduction Mix
  8. If you wanna head back to the roots of your original post- this here is the kind of thing being replicated: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRIA66Mq9EU For more melodic content, check High Contrast, London Elektricity and B-Complex and the Hospital Records and Spearhead Records labels. If you want newer stuff with slicker production, but still maintain the bassweight, check out artists such as Misanthrop and Phace and the label Neosignal. As for dubstep, here's a little shameless self-promotion - a mix I did recently of deeper, more spaced-out tunes. Thread / Mix For heavier dubstep, check out Vex'd, Distance, Goth-Trad and some of Skream's material. Another useful link to keep up-to-date on bass music in general is FactMAG - which features free, twice-weekly mixes from a variety of top-notch DJs and producers as well as info on new/forthcoming releases, gigs, etc.
  9. That source tune is brilliant - very nice choice! EDIT: I love this 'related video' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M50uY59CCPc - Perhaps someone can fuse elements of the two jungles?
  10. Donkey Kong Country / Aquatic Ambience - Submerse Remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BejAOKJt-Zk Wow. EDIT: From UK garage to grime:
  11. Bumping with a little mix I did tonight - 50 minutes of spaced-out rhythms, at about 140bpm. [thread / mix]
  12. Thanks for the inspiration, Beatdrop - I did a little mix of my own tonight and am sharing my efforts with OCR for the first time. [thread / mix]
  13. I've been an amateur DJ for a little while now, and while I'm not quite up to the standard of Beatdrop or Global-Trance, I'm beginning to get a bit more confident in my abilities - So I thought I'd share some of my efforts with you all! I'm mostly interested in ambient, glitch, dubstep and drum & bass, but I'm always on the lookout for good music elsewhere too. Wish You Were Here - The first set I have for you is a 50 minute mix, taking a look at the more spaced-out side of dubstep, with influences from genres such as house, UK garage and techno. If you like what you're hearing in these mixes, I also host a show on a local community radio station and have uploaded some of my recordings to Mixcloud (music only). These will occasionally feature guest mixes by other local DJs in a variety of styles (largely relating to sample-based music and the UK dance music scene). Thanks to Global-Trance for inspiring me with his mixes back in 2005 (my join date is deceptive; I've been lurking under a different account or two for several years ) and to Beatdrop for inspiring me to post this one today!
  14. Cool, I don't think I've seen anything like this around here since Global-Trance's mixes.
  15. Upon reading your post, DarkSim, I was inclined to agree. Then I saw this: A few releases I'm looking forward to in the near future: Instra:mental - Resolution 653 [NonPlus] Joy O – Wade In / Jels [Hotflush Recordings] Various Artists - Back and 4th [Hotflush Recordings]
  16. Did you read the first post? Right there, I addressed the fact that it's been around for quite a while, and gave several examples of it throughout its development. (FTR, 'dubstep' only codified around 8-9 years ago, though yes, its roots do extend back 'more than a fucking decade'.) Yes, I'm tired of that kind of talk too, but that's not the kind of thing this thread was created for. Protip: Use Facebook's filtering options and hide those status updates. Quite simply, if you don't like it, don't post. Heck, don't even read the thread and keep the bitterness to yourself. A conversation for another time/thread is the uselessness of the term "electronica"... heh
  17. No, we're just narrowing the scope of conversation, not our listening. My Last.fm is linked in my sig, take a look if you like. Not to mention the fact that there's plenty of difference between the artists mentioned in this thread. WOO! Agreed on that first point. Listen to things, understand and appreciate them for what they are - that doesn't mean you've gotta like them. That track is great! I haven't listened to much electro house/breaks in a while, but it seems like you've got it nailed! With the exception of Noisia, I don't really rate the acts that you listed. I've got a special place for Noisia, as they were my very first drum & bass gig- blew my freakin' mind! hehehe (Supports were d-Bridge and Phace - night was insane!)
  18. Ah yes, Lorn and Mount Kimbie's albums were two of my favourites of 2010. Automaton is a TUUUNE! On a tangent: I saw Flying Lotus when he toured here last month - amazing. I've not heard of Doshy before, but that EP title is rather apt! Very much enjoying Sunset! I must look into the label it's on... I think the only other artist I've heard really combine dubstep and chiptunes is Quarta330. Pretty sure he uses LSDJ or something. A few other artists have hinted at it at times, but not embraced it quite so fully as this.
  19. Sad, but unsurprising news. The big question now is about where the remaining intellectual property goes...
  20. Name-calling? Cool. Moving right along, here are a few favourites of mine lately. Nice atmospheres, garage-y rhythms and warm bass. Boxcutter - Silver Birch Solstice Martyn - Hear Me
  21. Hrm, it's mostly tagged as house etc. I listened to the Zelda remix but wasn't impressed. Excessive wobble is excessive. Yes indeed! Gotta love James Blake! You might also like the other stuff on the Hessle and Hemlock labels. Judging from the 'wubwubwub' comments, it seems like most people here have been exposed to more American/Canadian dubstep (like Datsik and Excision). The excessive mid-range wobble ain't my cup of tea. My regular club night tends towards stuff like and , as well as a healthy dose of jungle/drum & bass, juke and techno.
  22. I should probably get around to finishing more of these games, eh! (Only one I've completed is Wind Waker )
  23. The genre tags are all house etc Any tune in particular we should listen to? Yes! James Blake and the Hessle, Hemlock and R&S labels are where it's at for the more garage-y stuff. From all the 'wubwub' comments, I get the feeling that people have mostly been exposed to American and Canadian dubstep. Personally, I find the excessive mid-range wobble to be grating. If I were on the dancefloor and the DJ dropped a Datsik or Excision track, I'd walk right off... In terms of dubstep, my regular club night tends towards stuff like and this. (Though there's also good coverage of drum & bass/jungle, juke and techno)
  24. So I'm wondering to what degree this UK dance music has penetrated the userbase of OCR? Discussion on DJs, producers, labels, releases, etc goes here, I guess! A little history for those who may be as yet unaware of the style... Dubstep is a form of electronic dance music that originated in the UK (specifically London) around 2002. Throughout the early-mid 90s, jungle had been the prevailing underground dance music genre, but as it gradually became more regimented and developed into what is now known as 'drum & bass', UK garage began to gain popularity. UK garage (derived from American garage music which started in New York in the 1980s) was often played at jungle raves in the second room, providing party-goers with a more chilled-out alternative; 'something that the ladies could dance to'. Towards the turn of the millennium, UK garage began a trend away from the 'girl-next-door' vocal samples and rolling beats and towards a darker ambience, drawing inspiration from grime. Artists such as Oris Jay, Steve Gurley, Zed Bias and El-B were amongst the most forward-thinking UK garage producers making this new, darker, sound. Soon other producers started picking up on this new sound, and dubstep was born. The regular dubstep club night FWD>> started soon after, with tracks played by Hatcha, Youngsta, Kode9, Skream, Benga, Horsepower Productions and others. By about 2005, dubstep had gained significant popularity. Its core style had deviated from the garage rhythms somewhat, yet maintained emphasis on sub-bass (bass below 90Hz), dark atmosphere and a tempo of approximately 140bpm. BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs became an unlikely figure in the dubstep movement, featuring top grime and dubstep producers on her show. Since 2006, the genre has gained more popularity and has, since 2008, partly broken down away from its dark atmosphere and split into an innumerable series of variations and styles, all loosely described by the term 'dubstep'. A few tracks in somewhat chronological order... El-B - Buck & Bury Skream - Midnight Request Line - the first big track to cross over to the UK mainstream Pinch - Qawwali Joker - Digidesign
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