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Super Metroid "Disappointment in Brinstair"


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I like the altered rhythm to the backing. The drums themselves seem a bit random some of the time, but there's clearly thought put into their writing. Just edit the velocities to give it more of a deliberate, human touch, much like a real drummer would emphasize some snare hits and ghost others.

There's some nice ideas here and a decent general idea of variety in sound. The sounds themselves aren't high-quality, but that's something that practice and comparisons should help you with. Mixed better the current sound design would be tolerable, tho I wouldn't say it's passable for sure.

But did you listen to this at all? :tomatoface: The compression is making the waay too loud bass push everything else down. Bass, beeps, and stuff in between. The "stuff" needs to be brought out more, or at least not buried like this. Drop the bass' levels and you should have a much better mix already, but do consider the levels and distance placement/prominence of all the other sounds as well.

It gets old running the same chords throughout, but I don't think you need to do much more to personalize it. It would certainly help your chances with the judges if there was more dynamics to it, a sense of direction, like the buildup you had in the first minute or so.

I'm fairly sure the submissions evaluators would have laughed had you submitted this in its current state. :tomatoface: Learn to listen to your own works critically to avoid embarrassing mistakes like the bass compression thing. Once you can hear and avoid stuff like that, you're well on your way towards an ocr-level mix. :)

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Song has been updated. I've tried to follow the advice I've been given, but I must admit I'm still a beginner when it comes to compression levels and such.

I know I still have a ton of work to do on it, and wouldn't dream of submitting the song in such a state. It's why I said I wanted to submit it to the site eventually.

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