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Rolling Stone Cover Contest

DJ Riott

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I feel that this contest could be very interesting to those users in the OCR Community who enjoy music in all varieties.

In addition to the wonderful music composed for video games and revisited on this website, there are many of us who enjoy music on independent or major record labels.

While I personally am not a fan of Rolling Stone magazine, I would like to endorse a competition they are putting on because of its uniqueness.

Like some musicians on this website can relate to, it can be hard to make a living on creative talent. Underground or independent music groups in communities around the world are always looking for ways to reach new people, express themselves yet still pay the bills.

Rolling Stone magazine is holding a contest for 16 underground bands to compete for a chance to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and score a deal with Atlantic Records.

To me this is an incredible day in the music industry, when the largest proponent of popular music is allowing an unsigned band to grace their cover. The 16 bands are all very talented in a variety of genres.



"The editors at Rolling Stone picked 16 unsigned bands to compete for the most coveted prize in music - the cover of Rolling Stone. It's up to you to choose the winner."

- http://www.rollingstone.com/choosethecover/about


I suggest that the members of the OCR community take a few minutes to listen to the sample songs for each of the artists and rate the artists the amount of stars they deserve.

I am partial to Fictionist

( Vote for them here: http://www.fictionist.com/rollingstone/JMQ )

But I really want people to see all the artists and vote for who they think deserves it.

It's like a version of American Idol where these people ACTUALLY have musical talent (versus just good a voice)


I don't care if you hate mainstream music or the record industry, this thread is obviously not for you.

But for general music lovers (music does exist outside of video games) this is a historical moment in the industry.

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