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  1. Oh hey, it's that con thing I do. For those that missed it, Stevo and I did a crossover video about the con here: Hope to see some more people there.
  2. Oh sorry, right, the 14 words where you said you're interested in it so we shouldn't discuss it. Did I miss a thread where we SHOULD discuss it then?
  3. Quickly scanned through the pages and saw NOTHING about music videos. I know it's been a while since I was involved with the music videos that turned up around here (or since I contributed anything around here for that matter) but I would LOVE to see more of those. In fact, I still have several larger scale projects I wanted to work on. If we had high enough quality material, would it be considered for release on the ocremix channel as a secondary video for a given song? I haven't even scratched the surface of how cool some of my ideas could be.
  4. Hey guys, As some of you may know I'm part of a convention team called ConBravo based out of the Hamilton Convention Center. We've hosted some awesome vgm people in the past like MegaRan, Danimal Cannon, and Skrypnyk and we've got some more awesome gigs planned for 2013. Musicians will include brentalfloss and local nerd rapper Wordburglar. In conjunction with this, and leading up to the show, we're holding a remix contest for one of his songs 'Drawings With Words'. All of the details can be found here. Good luck all, and happy remixing.
  5. How has no one posted an image from their glorious day yet?
  6. Oh my god dude.. I just watched your chicken episode on a whim and I effing love you. Seriously I never expected to be so entertained by that. Please make more and I'll promote it to my friends and family. seriously, that ending..

  7. I've been following this release pretty closely. I was considering buying one/some purely for resale and/or collection purposes. Canada does seem to be at an advantage for having it's OWN EXCLUSIVE NINTENDO CONSOLE. That part is pretty cool. Then again it's black and red.
  8. Dropped my jaw a little. Very . I'm super jealous.
  9. Can I just say, I don't hate that Nicky Minaj song on page one, but by the like ratio, it seems I'm a minority? What are we all worried about again? Yeah pop music sucks these days but to me that wasn't the best example. Obnoxious female rapping a la Missy Elliot is a style I seem to have more tolerance for than the average person.
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