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  1. Does anyone else on OC listen to record label music? Does anyone find this contest interesting? Just wondering.
  2. "main forum; discussion of ocremix, games, music, anime, and related topics" I feel that this contest could be very interesting to those users in the OCR Community who enjoy music in all varieties. In addition to the wonderful music composed for video games and revisited on this website, there are many of us who enjoy music on independent or major record labels. While I personally am not a fan of Rolling Stone magazine, I would like to endorse a competition they are putting on because of its uniqueness. Like some musicians on this website can relate to, it can be hard to make a living on creative talent. Underground or independent music groups in communities around the world are always looking for ways to reach new people, express themselves yet still pay the bills. Rolling Stone magazine is holding a contest for 16 underground bands to compete for a chance to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and score a deal with Atlantic Records. To me this is an incredible day in the music industry, when the largest proponent of popular music is allowing an unsigned band to grace their cover. The 16 bands are all very talented in a variety of genres. ----------------------------- http://www.rollingstone.com/choosethecover "The editors at Rolling Stone picked 16 unsigned bands to compete for the most coveted prize in music - the cover of Rolling Stone. It's up to you to choose the winner." - http://www.rollingstone.com/choosethecover/about ------------------------------ I suggest that the members of the OCR community take a few minutes to listen to the sample songs for each of the artists and rate the artists the amount of stars they deserve. I am partial to Fictionist ( Vote for them here: http://www.fictionist.com/rollingstone/JMQ ) But I really want people to see all the artists and vote for who they think deserves it. It's like a version of American Idol where these people ACTUALLY have musical talent (versus just good a voice) ------------------------------- I don't care if you hate mainstream music or the record industry, this thread is obviously not for you. But for general music lovers (music does exist outside of video games) this is a historical moment in the industry.
  3. Hahaha I love 80s and I think you did a great job of capturing the essence of this decade. I think your lead snare has a tad too much reverb or maybe it is just too loud. Intro is awesome, but your reverse cymbal seems low quality also. --- Drumming is great, perfect 80s drum fillage What I think this song is desperately begging for is some nice Baritone 80s Vocals on top of the melody. Maybe sing about how everyone remixes this song! I love the second bar of the melody when the background starts arpeggiating everywhere. You've got like a whole mix already! Definately a rockin' solo would do you some good. Vocals, think about it man!
  4. wheeee. about time they restock hoodie for sure!
  5. After a second listen it was quite enjoyable. I could hear all of the counter melodies and background instruments that make it come alive. Great dynamics and use of the full spectrum of instruments. It was a medley I guess, but very heavy on the Temple theme. 2:00-10 - What are those clicks? Are they the leftover sounds of the Brass section? ugh The high ended strings during the 3:09-20 range were annoying and very choppy. Could've used some dramatic Tubular Bells in the 4th minute IMO Wonderful overall however. 9.5/10
  6. Hey everyone, especially the people running this, I'm finally back. I've been gone for finals and graduation so I hope you didn't get too far without me.
  7. The 24hr Change is up 20 points today, and the 7 Day is currently seeing an increase of a record high +180 Sell Sell Sell!
  8. Hm, a simple download to help cure cancer... The easiest way to heaven yet.
  9. I'll be honest in saying that this is the first track to jump out at me in a couple months. It is a bit long and repetative but the textures are pretty deep and things flow well. This theme is a good un' and you did a great job mixing it. Thanks for making me happy.
  10. Didn't follow the WIP but I think I would've liked it either way. I don't want to compare this to rAAw battery.. . So I won't. It is a different style any rate. ExcELLEnt electronica, but I agree to that maybe there may be too much distortion used. The song had almost too much variation and the breakdowns chopped up the energy. It is pumped and fun, and it is on my playlist. Taking everything into a whole, and putting on some headphones make this track absolutely amazing.
  11. I can't believe I haven't reviewed this track yet! It has always been on my playlists and CDs. The guitar is thrashy yet tasteful. I love it when the chord progression changes to major; it makes me uber happy. A thumbs up from me
  12. A wonderful addition to the Metroid mixes here at OC. I read the Judges Decision on this and was overwhelmed with pros and cons, but I think that the production was solid and it wasn't too liberal at all. This would be my first pick for an action scene in a Metroid movie. Great Track
  13. This song is so original and catchy -- The organ(s) were my specific favorite and the music overall was close to some new alternative rock bands (a bit too happy, but combine the vocals of kasabian and the rock/organs of the caesers) >> Crisp and clean - Good work with this mix, I'm sure it will be a classic from here on!
  14. Personally, I would prefer the full songs being played as I have been on the site a while. For those new to the site, a clip would give them an example of what is being done exactly on the site. The stream is pretty low bit rate, but I don't think it is that bad. If one wanted a solid broadcast of music, they could do the ormgmas stream, but this radio show makes it seem a bit more personal and in fun. I do notice a lot of 'Ums' but you aren't professional Djs aye. >>> Anywayz, my final answer is to do a couple full lengths, but for general reviews, or new music, just do a clip.
  15. I'm about 9 minutes in, and yes there is a lot of talking, but I was forewarned and thus far it is perfect for those new to the site. DJP should consider offering a link to #001 episode on the sites 'About' pages... - Ah, the first song is off and running, and I think things are gonna start rolling. How do you create the broadcast? And if it isn't quite live, do you do more than one take? I am just curious to how the show is made.
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