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Gamers Heart Japan. Why We love Japan


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Its a video with a list of profiled people affiliated with the gaming industry, giving their thoughts of why they love Japan and how much they have contributed to the gaming world. The video provides awareness of the many great contributions of the Japanese people and how much they need our help right now, so please donate whatever amount you can to redcross or their site http://www.gamersheartjapan.com/.

Also this thread is an open discussion of what you like about Japan. Your most liked game and game designer and if you like to add, your thoughts of how Japan made the gaming industry what it is today.

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I listen to japanese music daily.

I love anime and the whole subculture

where would gaming be if Japan didn't take on after the ruin of Atari in the old gaming crash of the 80s?

I was in near tears when I saw the destruction happen in videos

I loved every second I was there and to see people lose everything they work for... ugh.

I recently fell in love with Macross F after being in a Playstation Home Japan event that went on for most the winter celebrating the 25th aniversary of Macross. Halfway in, it struck me that the original Macross, was the stuff that made up my dreams as a kid. I felt like I was 5 again.

seing a Valkyrie to scale in person(Or as close as I likely ever will get to one IRL) I was in awe.



thank you Japan for giving me a wonderful childhood

thank you Japan for moving me with music that makes me feel


Thank you Japan for giving me the games that killed the long boring winter months

Thank you Japan for letting me visit you and your people.

I Thank you from my heart and will help you now when you are in great need.

I also would like to say thank you to the people that donated, so that Japan can continue being part of our lives.

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Well their take on a new

show is making me try hunting down any rips and fansubs that come out.

Love Konami for the most part as well as a few other companies that managed to make about %95 of my purchases I've made well worth it. Wished more content wouldn't be locked away from the world some times as there are some real gems over there that would never see an official debut without simply importing and finding a ways to make unofficial translations; Mother 3 being an obvious example.

Old school stuff such as Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival(I think this part was actually dubbed in English but I can't seem to find it on YT) though seriously watch it.

Demon City: Shinjuku - I remember this one shop owner would in fact have his TV turned on to Saturday Anime when it aired on Saturday Mornings and he would always turn up the volume for this particular film. I remember some of my friends asking the clerk, "Why couldn't shows we watch at home have so much detail/cool/stylized ect ect?"

This is just the years before the Internet was even fully out there as it is today; that said it made me try to find out more about the world where Japan was a start for me.

Oh and a couple of Cherry Blossom Trees that were planted at my old elementary school would probably be my first real exposure to Japan seeing as they are the same trees that are at the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC annually. I'd say its rather significant seeing as the rest were the native trees were Oak trees.

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