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  1. Am a bachelor as well. Do want kids eventually just looking for the right girl.
  2. Just read them all. Some obviously are going to be more intriguing than others but they are all immaculate writing and well done books. I thought Dance with Dragons was great, I don't understand why people are spitting at it. It was long, but I thought that was a good thing; especially after such a long wait. So yeah, I would say just read all of them.
  3. Because it's seriously good. Like, seriously. Awesome driving music.
  4. P A R T Why? Because we gotta!
  5. There is some cool music coming out too guys, with all the shit music we hear all the time. At the end of the day though I agree, it has taken a turn for the worse. It's not like you have to feel guilty, though; if you set your Pandora to "Billy Joel Radio" or "Bryan Adams Radio". I do it all the time. Go try it.
  6. Waiting for my brother to get sick of playing it so I can still my ps3 back and play it. He payed for the game so he gets the first go at it.. Looks fun as fck to me from what I've seen so far though.
  7. I love it when a song uses violins to build energy and then follows up with other instruments for impact, takes my breath away. Arpeggios. That's not very specific but hell... who doesn't love them?
  8. Definitely not the only one that experiences this. I experience it all the time.
  9. Bran's character is spectacular. Very well done and very moving.
  10. Haven't played clear through it or anything but I got lost in it for like three days and ended up getting very little sleep. Some of the NPC's are so damned rude. I needed to be way strong so I could kill more of the smug bastards.
  11. It felt that way with Dany in the first season too but later on in the season her character was given due screen time. Joffrey looked like a big enough overpowered spoiled ass hole as it was. Not really sure why they had to add the whipping the hell out of the brothel team into it. Non of that happened in the books as I recall. All the stuff with Sansa did though.
  12. Yeah, I wish they would capture more of the humor into the Television series that you get as a reader, because; there was quite a bit of it. I must say though I'm very impressed that they answered back this season with the visuals of the Direwolves. I was really worried about that aspect because it is a favorite angle of mine (I'm a dog owner, have a husky and a German Shep) in the books. Good job on that HBO.
  13. So they're back and we're in a few episodes. What does everyone think? Seems like they are straying a little more from the books in this second season. Still they are staying surprisingly close. Theon Greyjoy's reunion with his family at Pyke was a lot more humorous in the books. HBO didn't even take it in a humorous direction. Dummies.
  14. Borderlands was just a very fun play through. Can't wait for II. My funnest thing was to save my level up point attributes while my older brother was watching just to make him freak out. Whenever he wasn't watching I would obviously use them (no reason not to) but when he was I would just level up and keep on playing through with out adding an attribute in the build menu. It bothered him so fucking bad. "Why won't you just pause it for one second and USE YOUR FUCKING POINTS!!" Shit makes me want to go play it again. It was so bloody hilarious watching him tweak out.
  15. True enough. The ending did suck but the game as a whole was so bloody much fun.
  16. Who pissed in your morning coffee? That wasn't trolling at all. True or not though, some of them can still be a lot of fun even if there is an excess amount of panty shots. I watched Full Metal Panic twice (skipped season to on the second go around for the most part) just because I really liked the art and I thought it had a splendid soundtrack. Anyways, I went and got Trigun, sounds like everyone here has something good to say about it. Probably burn through a few episodes this weekend.
  17. I don't know all the ins and outs on this project yet. I don't even have a Wii. But this is the most encouraging thing to date that I've seen to give me incentive to get one. Not a huge fan of Nintendo's hardware in general but I looovved Super Smash Bros. Melee. I'm a little stoked.
  18. They was probably thinking of money. You want to know a frustrating (though fun) game... Battle Toads on the Snes. Good fuuuck, that game was hard. And no, I never did win it.
  19. Damn your blood that's blasphemy! Ninja Gaiden Black and Gaiden II are like my favorite games ever. I admit they can be hellishly frustrating though. But then that is how Ninja Gaiden games are suppose to be isn't it?
  20. Actually I had quite a nice time watching Cowboy Bebob.
  21. A friend recommended me to Trigun. Am I going to be wasting my time watching 25 episodes of this?
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