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BSOD and Rescue Disk


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Ok, so my computer BSODs out on startup. (It was precipitated by a crash of some win32 process followed by disintegrating browser functionality and then a freeze-up at shutdown) but luckily my cousin has spare parts and other software disks up the wazoo so I'm not too worried about getting it fixed. However, I might as well try to rescue the data with a boot-up disk in the meantime and knoppix first comes to mind. However, right now I don't have access to CD burning utilities and I was wondering whether there are any effective rescue disks I can boot up from a USB disk.

Any suggestions?

Also, the win32 process crashing itself followed me screwing around in http://goggles.sneakygcr.net/ too much. Is this an easily exploitable script I should have avoided in the first place? For future reference, what should I do if a computer freezes up at shut-down, manually turning the power off is of course dangerous, but I dont see any other alternative (or should I run a chkdsk after every instance of that?)

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You didn't mention the system OS, nor the browser you were using.

You should run a check disk and try to boot into safe mode. To reach safe mode press F8 when your computer is booting up.

If you still have your windows disk you may be able to use it to boot from and/or fix your OS.

As you figured, when your computer freezes, you have to hard reset, which may be harmful, however there really is no way around it.

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