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Cthulhu Presidentiksi! - Cthulhu For President!

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Here's a little something I whipped up for a local LAN party music competition. This time the theme was "Election", so the first thing that came to mind, was a song about Cthulhu running for presidency. Lyrics are in finnish, but basically the song is about him taking over the world, enslaving and/or killing everyone no matter the skin color or sex, destroying everything and celebrating the unavoidable victory. In other words, a pretty happy song.

Youtube link:

Mp3 download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/135436/DiseasedProject/CthulhuPresidentiksi.mp3

I hope you like it. Btw, thanks to whoever it was on the IRC channel, that helped me choose the last line before the actual music starts.

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Great job, I enjoyed this very much! I'm not an expert on music production when it comes to metal (although I do listen to a lot of it), but it sounds like the song is very well mixed and well balanced.

I really liked the introduction, and the vocals are great, too! In addition to that, the lyrics are in Finnish, which is always a plus. =D

Really great, I'm going to download this!

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