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    I'm a translator, pianist, amateur composer and orchestral fanatic from a wonderful little paradise patch called Slovenia, a country few people know of (no, it's not next to Russia, it's not near Romania and no, it's not the same as Slovakia). I like to keep my head in the clouds as often as possible, I adore everything that has even the slightest connection to fantasy, I love nature, and besides being a language junkie, I'm addicted to fruit.

    Music has always been a very important part of my life, and I believe that the world would be a whole lot worse without it. I've been composing music for a couple of years now, mainly classical and soundtrack music, but I do sometimes try to dabble in other genres as well – "The more you like music, the more music you like!"

    I hope you (whoever you may be) enjoy my music at least half as much as I enjoyed creating it.

    Feel free to drop me a line, it's always nice to meet new people. =D
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  1. OK, I can't believe it took me nearly a month to get around to listening to this. Sorry for the delay, Liam! All in all, this sounds really nice, and much better than anything I came up with when I first started writing orchestral music. Well done! After a couple of listens, I have some suggestions on what you could improve. Some of the things I'm about to list aren't necessarily wrong, they're just something I would do if I were working on this track. 1. The strings at the beginning sound nice and flowing, but like someone said, they're a little muffled, so try playing around with th
  2. Hi! Just one little nitpick. I hope I'm posting it in the right forum. Mix #462 is a ReMix of a track from Heroes of Might and Magic II. Only two composers are listed in the info (Robert King and Steve Baca). The series' main composer (Paul Anthony Romero) is left out, so I thought I'd point it out because it's kind of important. It's like leaving out Nobuo Uematsu in the info of a Final Fantasy X ReMix.
  3. Hi, everyone. I'll do my best to finish my remaining two tracks as soon as possible. I'm sorry for keeping everyone waiting!
  4. Thanks for the encouraging comments, everyone! I'm not happy with this track at all, to be honest, but it's good practice nonetheless. I've made some minor adjustments to the first part and added another section with improvized piano melodies and some placeholder heartbeat percussion. I'm trying to find something that fits the tone of the track, but nothing I've tried so far works. I'd like to use something a little more soft/electronic (like Eino suggested), but my libraries consist mainly of ethnic and orchestral percussion, which doesn't fit this at all. Anyway, here's the second update:
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I suspected as much, but couldn't find any official OCR statements on this, so I thought I'd point this out here.
  6. Good day to you, almighty primarchs. I was wondering what the OCR stance is on remixing original material from fan-made game mods. To be more specific, this. It's a mod of Commander Keen 6, but the levels, graphics and storyline are brand new, so it's basically a new game that uses the Commander Keen 6 game engine. It hasn't been "officially" published, though. It's just fan shareware. The music is also completely original and has been composed by fans specifically for the game mod. Would those tracks be eligible for remixing?
  7. I already liked the previous track, but it's always good to hear a revised version! The introduction is really beautiful (I love the soundscape!), and I love how the song goes from melancholic to euphoric. Here are a few small details I would improve were I you: 1) At 3:46, you can hear some clipping. I assume you cut off a .wav file there and the clipping is actually that annoying interruption of sound you get when you cut off a recording. I usually automate the volume and lower it to zero just before the cut-off point to eliminate the clipping sound. 2) The song starts immediately after
  8. Just a little update: 1) I posted a rough WIP of the Snow Theme from Heroes of Might and Magic III. 2) Liam (Magellanic) made some revisions to his extremely enjoyable ReMix of Tyrian's Level Theme. Let's help him polish up the arrangement before he resubmits it!
  9. Hi, everyone. This is my second track for the PCReMix Initiative. This WIP has been sitting on my hard drive for quite a while now. This winter was really snowy (at least where I live), so I got inspired one day to make this. It still needs a lot of work, especially in the mixing department, but I guess it's better to get some feedback here than let the track gather dust on my computer. I tried to experiment with some extreme equalizing and panning (just to try out something different), but I'm not really satisfied with the result. The soundscape is much too deep and imbalanced, but the ove
  10. Congratulations on your first posted track, Justin! This is a wonderful track and a great OCR debut. I really enjoyed the electronic percussion at the beginning and the progressive rhythmic elements throughout the song. The clarity and precision of your guitar playing are very impressive indeed. I have to admit I usually frown upon people remixing sources that have already been remixed to death, but in this case, the arrangement is so original, well-produced and full of surprising twists that all I can say is well done. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!
  11. Hi, everyone! I apologize for the long absence. I've finally updated the first post. A huge thanks to Eino for helping me out with the list (it made everything much easier) and to everyone else for their work and support. =) We've already got several finished tracks and a couple of WIPs. I've had a WIP for another track sitting around for a while now, so I'll be posting it in the near future (hopefully). Please check the list to see if I haven't made any mistakes. If you've changed your mind about the track you've claimed, let me know and I'll update it. Have fun, the show must go on. =)
  12. Hey Archangel,

    This is Derek Oren here, just wanted to give you a shout out about your piece "Dragon Wings". Very beautiful, I'm really impressed with your sequencing and arranging capabilities. Would love to work with you someday. Anyways Happy Holidays and take care.


  13. Games released in 2000 are still OK. Someone's already planning on making a Diablo II track, and that game was released in 2000. I should add this to the first post. It's come up more than a couple of times, I think.
  14. I like the soundscape! It sounds like summer for some reason or other. =D The lead synth was a little overwhelming at times, but I'm pretty sensitive as far as synths go. The breakdown at 2:35 was really cool. I almost wished it were longer. The title of the track has to be the best on the site, though! It sounds like a title of a novel that's a cross between Lovecraft, Dickens and some random chick-lit author. XD Great mix, guys. =D More titles like these, please!
  15. Oh, so now all of a sudden it's your fault. The lengths people will go to in order to save face.
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