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Secret of Mana- Danger Little Boy! Danger!

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This is the second remix I attempted. I made it and it sounded really flat. Not knowing anything about music other than what sounds good to me, I put it on the back burner until I learned more about sounds.

It's still not finished, no real intro, there's some tweeking to do and probably someone's going to say my arangement is too conservative (I have no music background and this is litterally my 2nd remix attempt, give it time guys).

My biggest concern is how it sounds. Not being able to get the sound I want discourages me from delving into new and exiting interpetations on the source but I hope I'm getting better at the full emersion of sound.

The base in the latter part of the mix sounds too loud to me but I'm not even an amature on base. Input on this specifically would help.





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What software do you use to mix this? Are you using the source midi and then changing sounds to find what you like? Sometimes this can be helpful for a start but it is dangerous because you may find you dont "remix" enough after the fact.

I would say the choices of sounds are too harsh together. There is enough high end distortion that they blend together a little much. The synths just aren't interesting. I listened to the source and perhaps you are trying too hard to duplicate it? Maybe don't use guitar samples at all but something else? Just sayin.

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I am using the .midi as the source. At first I was duplicating it but that's not a remix so I've been starting to see the music in chunks. With each chunk (section of the arrangement) I experiment with different ways to make it more interesting.

This particular mix I took a cool sounding guitar loop and choped it up. There's muted V^V^ then an open note (I think that what it is) and made it do what I'd like to be able to do on a guitar. I tried doing each note one at a time as individual .wav's but I don't like how it turns out.

The synth really isn't a synth. It's a note from a lead guitar loop. I took that single note and transposed it to the key I wanted. I want it to be more of a lead guitar sound instead of a synth but if the synth will sound better I could easily go with that. I'll be redoing the lead with the correct keys and a distortion vst chain so it shouldn't sound so synthy.

I use Acid Pro 7. If I'm actualy good at mixing I might consider buying a better program to remix but the jury is still out on that.

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