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  1. So... thread necro and all but I finally got it finished. I don't do videogame remixes myself much because I find it very difficult to re-interpret the things that I grew up with but here we are: https://soundcloud.com/atmozpheryc/raster-blaster Thanks for the criticism and the praise (Emunator love that you love the name).
  2. Wow I haven't check this in ages! Thanks for the revisit on my music. Criticism is good so no hard feelings. I ended up cutting the entire first main section out (decided to detracted) but I did finally get it finished.

    Check it out at sound cloud if you want to:


    Thanks for the message though!

  3. yo i posted a much more constructive critique on your vectorman mix from last year. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=864894#post864894

    sorry for posting like a jerk back then, after re-listening to it a bunch i realize that i was incredibly wrong, so my apologies dawg.:

  4. I guess this is a dubstep style sort of but has a mix of things. Ive been working on it over the past day and want to know what people are thinking. http://www.jaredhooton.com/music/wip/powerpack-wip.mp3
  5. Well isn't this the case for any remix? People who are fond of the song will have a better idea of what to expect or demand. Yeah the part I dislike the most is the transition from the intro into Terraport. I just ran out of ideas so I am taking a break for a bit and ill hop back on it. I will work on the bass getting heavier. Did the mids and highs sound ok though? Nice seperation?
  6. So does Vectorman scare people or something? 115 views, 40 DLs and an unknown play count later and nothing to say I know people aren't afraid to criticize around here its ok.
  7. I have been looping this song for 30 plays in a row. The second half is pure awesomeness.
  8. My older account doesn't have many posts either and I don't really are about the join date much. Thanks for the info though. Honeslty a join date of mid-2000s with 20 posts looks worse than a recent join lol
  9. What software do you use to mix this? Are you using the source midi and then changing sounds to find what you like? Sometimes this can be helpful for a start but it is dangerous because you may find you dont "remix" enough after the fact. I would say the choices of sounds are too harsh together. There is enough high end distortion that they blend together a little much. The synths just aren't interesting. I listened to the source and perhaps you are trying too hard to duplicate it? Maybe don't use guitar samples at all but something else? Just sayin.
  10. I love the Luigi's Mansion theme and I do like the direction this is going. I would first like to point out that yes you need to modify the drums. They are far too repetitive for too long a time. This track overall is quite minimal. That is no problem I am just wish there were a few parts that..got excited for a few measures. Maybe get loud a few times ehh? Off topic: Are you a Reason user as well? I detected some similar sounds in this...
  11. So im working on a WIP vectorman track that actually remixes 4 different songs from teh game. Its in my sig if you wanna check it out
  12. Hey I am not a new "member" per say as I used to have a different account but with that account i never did much in the 8 years I've been frequenting this site. Atmozpheryc is what my "DJ" name is and I write my own music. I have always wanted to try my hand at remixing so I decided to sign up and get a little more involved here.
  13. One of the first things that bugged me is the amount of reverb and delay you have over the whole mix. Way too bouncy and the overall sound doesn't have enough low end either. Perhaps the phrase I could use is "tinny sounding". I wont complain about your choice of sounds as much because I never used fruity loops and don't know how limited it is in terms of sound design but it was an overall underwhelming mix. Not enough dynamic range of sound frequencies. I would try and define a bass line more and lower the delay/echo.
  14. Hey a good cover for sure! If you are looking to get the final mix into OCR itself I would listen to CJ. They don't like the more direct covers as much and your chances of getting accepted are quite limited. Even so, a great start keep tooling away at it!
  15. Ok so I need to test the waters with this song so far. I dont want to give my opinion on what I like and dont. Just tell me what you like and dont. This is my first really serious attempt at remixing and since Vectorman hasn't got much love around here I figured I'd add to the collection should I be allowed The soundtracks I am remixing in order are the Vectorman Story Intro, Terraport, Tidal Surge and End Game. Raster Blaster on Tindeck: http://tindeck.com/listen/nrrr OCR Vectorman Chiptunes Link: Original Music thatI remixed: Story Intro & End Game (3:22): Terraport: Tidal Surge:
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