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Zorah's Fire - Unofficial Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack


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First off I would like to start by saying this track has no official link to Mass Effect 3, Bioware etc.... I recently played through the Shadow Broker DLC on Mass Effect 2 and being inspired in my rare off time I decided to pull an all nighter and compose "Zorah's Fire" as if I were composing for ME3. Yes, likely I will send it off to the great North and see if the team would want to use it for DLC or the like since I know they already have a composer for the game.

Inspired by the amazing Jack Wall Score on ME1 & 2, I decided to step away from my basic trance style and try something a lot more cinematic. From a musical standpoint it really is not that complex but from a sound design standpoint creating the sound scape of this track with a huge arry of VST synths was quite the challenge. I used a number of synthesizers from HG Fortune on this namely "Avatar" and "Protoplasm TSM" http://www.hgf-synthesizer.de/ ; if your into making music I highly recommend these synthesizers.

The rest was layer after layer of Reactor 5 user Synths and the sampled strings for that more human feel. I will say that my mind thought a lot about Daft Punk's recording for the new Tron film on this.

Ironically it was composed in "Reaper" a wonderful DAW http://www.reaper.fm/

The illustration of Tali'Zorah nar Rayya the "Quarian" was also done by me in Corel Painter.

Anyway this is simply for all you die hard Mass Effect Fans out there, consider this a serious piece of fan art.

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