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  1. Just a series of small pieces I wrote, a couple of hours spent on each, but as you can see it is heavily game influenced. https://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/sets/enfy-series
  2. https://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/fake https://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/fate-alpha
  3. https://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/8dio-2013-stand-out-contest
  4. https://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/facece-mod-wip
  5. http://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/logic-is-simplified-complexity http://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/logic-is-not-decapitating
  6. i am pretty sure someone put me here when i 1st posted this in the general forum asking where to go
  7. http://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/linjaflu-mix-108 1. Dub Syndicate - Hard & tuff 2. Toshiro Masuda - Naruto's Daily Life --- Naruto Soundtrack 3. Blizzard Entertainment - Terran Theme 3 --- StarCraft 2 Soundtrack 4. Darren Korb - Busher Patrol --- Bastion Soundtrack 5. Toshiro Masuda - Sasuke's Theme --- Naruto Soundtrack 6. Tomáš Dvořák - The Robot Band Tune --- Machinarium Soundtrack 7. Amon Tobin - One Day In My Garden 8. posu yan, Joshua Morse feat. Stacy Morse - Sagat (Street Fighter) - Coconut 9. DJ Kentaro/Little Tempo - Handmade Gift 10. Scott Lloyd Shelly - Overwo
  8. oh yeh, I sent you a pm before asking if you have the track in midi. I am abit lazy at figure it all out by ear ;D I can do that but if you have the MIDI it would make things so much easier, or the PSG version VGM.

  9. Ni Hao! Not sure if this is the right place to post, thought I'd share it. http://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/linjaflu-mix-099 Tracklist: Tomáš Dvořák - Mr. Handagote --- Machinarium Soundtrack Boxcutter - S P a C E B a S S Laura Shigihara - Watery Graves (slow) --- Plants vs Zombies Soundtrack Laura Shigihara - Zombies On your Lawn --- Plants vs Zombies Soundtrack Nujabes - Tsurugi No Mai --- Samurai Champloo Soundtrack Toshiro Masuda - Afternoon of Konoha --- Naruto Soundtrack Koji Kondo - Super Mario Main Theme Laura Shigihara - Cerebrawl --- Plants vs Zombies Soundtrack Hid
  10. I love the vibe on this tune. It feels like Royksopp playing JRPG Although, there are two particular sections I dislike, it happens to be two of the Lead Instruments - First the lead between 00:16 - 00:32, I'll be brutally honest, this sounds like absolute '********' in my ears. Its so basic and way too dry for the 'rich environment' in the background. I know this is supposed to sound like robot, but please, find something better. Next up is the guitar at 01:03. I think that is purely because it shares some resemblances to that 1st lead :S Overall it sounds promising.
  11. I can't help it, I was born in Silent Hill when the Mana Tree died :S
  12. Remix: http://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/ys-3-valestein-castle-remix LIVE & NOISE: http://youtu.be/A--TSVtU3tY Source:
  13. thanks riversound, it certainly gives me alot of ideas, will try to improve it when i have some free time. actually, it doesn't feel like a remix to me atm, rather an extension of the original song >.>
  14. Thanks man! Here is the source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzIX1-XtsIE
  15. Finished http://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/legend-of-mana-sorrowful
  16. Learn to use articulations and automations in your DAW to effectively draw out the life of Kontakt samples. I am no expert on the matter but here is an example using Kontakt samples for orchestration: http://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/evening-star-linjaflu-mix I doubt there will be any guide anywhere. I personally only messed about with the software for years and searched on forums for relevant tips I was after.
  17. Did you use amplitude and automated all the effect? Actually a good reference would be the Chaos Theory Remixed album. The sound itself, draw more relevance to Amon's Supermodify album - track 6.
  18. Hell I thought this was from Mass Effect at first. Suddenly I recognized everything, oh what a joy!
  19. Yeah I'm going to change the arrangement, not fan of the intro anymore, prolly gonna make it a slightly sound effects based intro with lots stings, and have the 'slightly-odd' harmonic sets somewhere later in the mix. Gonna remove the choir at start as well, have it more as backing.
  20. http://soundcloud.com/linjaflu/legend-of-mana-mysterious-song WIP, just finished 1st phase.
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