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Shameless Plug: iWebRadio

Jax Mandrake

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It seems there was a bit of positive response on the chatroom, so I might as well try to gather a little more exposure.

I am NiceDoggy, a longtime DJ on an internet radio station called iWebRadio. I play around in The Kennel every Thursday from 7-9pm EST, and I play lots of different stuff. My favourite things to play are classic rock-style songs, video game themes (including OC ReMixes), and all manner of comedy.

For those who want to listen to my show, or the other shows that come on, just click the listen tab at the top of this link:

I am always open to taking requests, provided I have access to the stuff you are asking for. I may post a list somewhere of all the music and humour I have available, so you can request from the list or just tease me for not having what you want.

In the meantime, if you want to make requests, right here is a good place. I'll be watching this thread closely (unless, of course, it vanishes).

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