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  1. I'll gladly join in on some multiplayer if you know of a decent host. I like doing the whole exploration thing so I won't mind the transatlantic latency, though I'm really down for anything. The best is finding techs like the anti-grav and flying around hilariously.
  2. Log in to LoL after over a year of not playing, notice everyone on my friend list is in some ranked division or another, funniest part being that some guys who were complete scrub-lords when I played are now gold and platinum players, and people I remember as being completely sensible and willing to cooperate are in silver/bronze. Looks like everything is working as intended? At least it's a lot prettier now! The biggest problem I'm having playing is that the store feels really slow to navigate, but it did ever since they changed it to have recommended/all items with a bunch of nested menues.
  3. I like a karaoke night all the time especially the incoming planned one
  4. I got an email message that at least there was a break in and a number of accounts may have been compromised including names and hashed passwords, so you should probably change your password if you haven't been playing.
  5. I've seen map counting in Killing Floor, I guess I was confused on what SourceMod could do
  6. Why not track how often a map is being played, and if it exceeds a certain percentage threshold then it is not available for nomination, on top of the recently played maps?
  7. I tried the demo last night, you guys totally win for having a Dio reference. Best of luck with the campaign!
  8. I will always and forever send Greevils to their untimely (in that it is not soon enough) death at the (no) hands of the enemy middle tower. At least once.
  9. we now live in the golden age of mass media economics. it's just a shame that the only people who have figured that out have no musical talent. The fact is that obscurity and failure of bands now is either because A) they suck; or they suck at publicity. Good luck with that!
  10. So I killed "Tumbaa" and got an amazing Tediore shotty that seeks out targets on reload AND fires until it explodes. My first orange, natch. This game is seriously the best
  11. gunzerker, pendejos! *insert grunting here* Though I need to run fullscreen at a lower resolution, I get crummy frames in a fullscreen window with most settings to low.
  12. http://virt.bandcamp.com/track/mixtape-bomb-toss (also there are some full level bgm songs with vocals on the Double Dragon Neon soundtrack)
  13. JH you are oddly prescient: http://boingboing.net/2012/09/14/fantagraphics-to-publish-ed-piskors-hip-hop-family-tree-as-a-book.html and this is fantastic news
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