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What video game music is in your playlist/what songs do you want to remix?


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Just curious, wanted to see what songs people listened too, or what songs they would like to hear remixed or remix themselves.

though quite a mediocre attempt at an action rpg, I found these two tracks from Virtua Fighter stuck in my head so I downloaded them:

As for remixing there are a least 14 songs I wanna either remix or hear get remixed, but I'd be getting ahead of myself to say that I'm tackling them any time soon, but it'd be cool if this song from this old pc game, havoc, I use to play got remixed.

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There is a suggestion section to the forums~!

That said...


Strangely enough TH13 - Ten Desires music, at least on the demo, really does make me think back on the Metal Slug series but with its own flair.

Youkai Girl at the Gate and especially Rigid Paradise; Hell even on a spin off game with the

played here are pretty good as well.

In contrast

I just find some similarities despite both having their own distinct sound.

Either way both games, especially on Metal Slug, need some remixing love.

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