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Looking to get better

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I've all ways been impressed with the music that comes out of OCRemix, and have wanted to be able to make, or at the very least contribute, some great remixes of my favorite games. I know I have a long way to go, and i was wondering if some people here could help me/push me in the right direction. I would like to start creating great music.

I do play guitar, and have been for some years now. For software, I use SoundTrack Pro, (dabbled in) Protools LE, Guitar Pro, Garage Band and have a kind of basic knowledge of Reason.

I know little when it comes to Music Theory. I took some piano lessons as a child, and some classes here in there in High School/College, but nothing too intense. I can very slowly stumble my way through reading sheet music.

If there is anything you all think I can/should do to learn more. Anything would be a great help. Thank you for reading.

Here is a sample of my work

BT is just a modified midi I'd found, and I had learned the song through that.

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Read everything you can find, experiment with the tools you have, show your stuff to ppl (we have feedback subforums for that), try to understand everything they say even if you don't agree with it, listen to pro stuff, listen to newb stuff, listen to old stuff, listen to new stuff, compare everything, learn from everything, apply everything you learn.

There are no shortcuts.

Also, I didn't think I had any theory knowledge when i started doing this. You'll learn what you need as you keep making stuff. :)

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