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Being a jerk could force you to pay more on Steam

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I think the big issue, BGC, is that people who are griefers in a game are also more likely to abuse a user-active reputation system by simply causing everyone else to have high prices as much as possible. Even systems that rely only on observed response to a user playing games can be skewed by teams of griefers, once it's learned what factors are used in calculating a player's popularity. The worry isn't that the griefers will be punished, but rather that the situation will end up polar opposite to what Valve intended: the griefers game the system, get cheap games, and everyone else ends up paying more because they tried playing honestly.

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Punk. :P

Nah, people are always going to have more money than me, even douchey ones. But I do feel good knowing they have to spend it on bail rather than a TV or something fun or whatever. That's my mindset anyway.

Seriously Gol, I meant no offense dude, don't take me too seriously.

*edit* this was all directed at Crowbar, but you posted before I did, so it looks like I'm talking to you Kenogu. :) But I do see what you mean, and that's a fair perspective to take, I'll happily admit. Though I'm pretty sure Valve would probably spend a lot of time working out an angle that prevents that from happening. Time will tell I guess?

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