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Sonic Heroes: Casino Park Remix


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I have noticed a very alarming lack of Sonic Heroes Remixes around, which in my opinion, has had one of the best soundtracks of all time.

So, I've been working on this Casino Park Remix, hoping to submit it at some point (If I make some needed improvements), and I'd like to hear what some other people might think of it. Here's the link:


As I'm sure you guessed from the link, this is titled "Feeling Lucky". Yeah, the title is lame, I know. Got any better Ideas?

This piece has been a work-in-progress of mine for a while now. It's my first remix, but I feel like it could have some potential. And I REALLY enjoy remixing, so I will definitely be making more, no matter how bad they are! The only issue with this song is that there's something missing... Like something's not coming together, and there's something that OC remixes have and I don't. :? I know I shouldn't compare to the pros, but can anyone tell me what it's lacking?


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Heyo! Welcomies! ^^

Nice arrangement ideas, this sounds very pleasant to listen to! But still, I feel like there's a large room for improvement here.

Sometimes the chords from those synths at the beginning sound odd. It opens up with a fixed rhythm and well chosen notes, but then it sort of confuses me; I think you could write something clearer there. Even the flanged synth that comes afterwards doesn't totally bring me to light, but then there's the drums.

Cool start for those! They don't work for the full song, though; you could definitely bring something else up besides that timid snare at like, 0:40 or 0:46, along with a nice hi-hat, turning up the frequencies and giving the song its full shine!

Melody from piano could definitely vary. You don't need to stick it strictly to the source, it's in fact a better idea to add some salt. The way it is now, I can't feel it much, even coz there's nothing else besides the pad filling the soundscape at that section. When the shakers come, it's still not enough, specially as I hear that very same melody being played again. Spice it up, will ya? :grin:

1:41-1:48 seems okay to me, but dude what's that OOOOm at 1:49? Quite distracting to say the least, so I'd say take it off and try using a reverse crash or something else as a bridge to the new section that comes.

YAY, sidechain! I'll echo what I've said in the third paragraph for 1:50-2:20, though ;)

Starting at 2:21, piano now sounds quite backwards comparing to sidechain and the new elements (now the guitar was a good idea. Its sound is not the best, but I think it works well) that come in. As I've just noticed it right now, I guess you could low a very lil' bit the volume from sidechain. On the good side, see how you were capable of adding some spice here, comparing to the first time this kinda key comes in ;D. ... uh, but quite an abrupt fade-out there at 2:55, u gotta fix that.

2:57-afterwards: same thing about drums and frequency and blah blah, and I'm not sure that guitar harmonizes well on that part. Might have something else to tell ya about it, but only after you fix the issues I'm pointing out. And at the very end, the distortion noise feels unneeded.

Phew! Overall, I must say, this is very, very catchy... Really looking forward to this once you finish it, sir :mrgreen:

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Not bad. Some of the synth choices I disagree with, especially some of the more oldschool digital ones. The piano is great breath of fresh air from the build up before it. A little variation would go a loooong way here and elevate the mix even higher.

Please play more with the piano's breakdown! please! This mix is begging for it.

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Okay, here's the second version, even though I know it's not done yet. I just wanted to upload it to see what kind of reaction it gets. I mean, are the changes good, bad? What should I keep, what needs to go?

Link to the song:


Please don't harass me for not taking all of your suggestions everyone, because I still will. This is just phase 2, not the final product. :grin:

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