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  1. I don't think it's THAT far, actually. It may not be what I'm used to identify as a contemporary Carnaval parade samba-enredo (which was the source of inspiration for one of my mixes) and the bass drum beat could probably highlight just a bit more of the track rhythmic presence at times, but I can hear the samba here. I've already heard many orchestral arrangements of traditional samba music which sounded pretty similar to this.
  2. My therapist puts orchestral samba for background music in the waiting room every time and I'm gonna present this to her playlist. Amei!
  3. Changing this to Mod Review as I'm not sure where the current OCR bar is, and here's the complete track. I've also put a few parts from this other source to the mix, and you can dance more now. o/
  4. It's been a while from my last posted mix and I haven't been making new music ever since, so I thought I'd give you a glance of what I'm currently cooking here. Tip: it's popcorn, inside a volcano, with some help from the muddrakes. :} Here's the main source. Here's the secondary source. Totally random timbale sounds <-> corns, the marimba attempts to play like corn, the glock is like the metal from the pan (or so), etc etc. Might sound a bit conservative for now, but I plan to expand on it lots more as I plan to submit it. What do you think?
  5. Hellosis, Quite recently I've been doing pencil art to increase my revenue alongside the Graphic Design, photo restoring jobs and music licensing. Here's a few examples: Graphite pencil on 300g Canson: http://imgur.com/mRbhaIh 240g Opaline: http://imgur.com/kJKLns3 Another 240g Opaline: http://imgur.com/yiVE0Ec Of course, there's still many stairs to climb, and I'm yet to experiment on drawing backgrounds. Anyway, I hope you like it; for more of these you may hit me up on Instagram by searching for my nickname. Byesis
  6. I love every tiny fruity bit in this, from the concept to the music. Bought it! :3
  7. Because of its emotions, colors, images, tastes and I like dancing too \@/
  8. Not sure. I'm currently working as a book designer though, and I do like it. Music-wise, the idea of composing for fun sounds better for me than having an actual career, but I'm totally fine with the idea of doing one or another freelance job.
  9. And now that you've just replied, I don't feel so lonely anymore! <3 [/end] Well, I know there's some fellow countrymen names to consider, although they still live kinda far away from here IIRC.
  10. I can assure you there's something to review about the concept of loneliness on that map.
  11. I think I have a crush on the way those accompaniments whisper through the piece. Really enchanting one
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