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  1. When I saw that Subterranean Animism had been added to the games list, I was absolutely psyched. I thought that, surely, a Mix of Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion was on the way. For the absence of that, I was somewhat disappointed. But I can't really complain, as far as the mix goes. It's really pretty. The chippy format is really reminiscent of the PC-98 era Touhou games, and it's equally as relaxing as it is nostalgic.
  2. Gosh, I swear, when I first heard this on YouTube, it sounded like a Mix of Mt. Moon and Astral Observatory, from Majora's Mask. I usually don't like such liberal Mixes, but this has such an odd charm that I can't deny. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more contributions from Sockpuppet, this is definitely worth the download.
  3. Gosh. > u < I usually hate ReMixes that take so much liberty with the impact of the song, but this just plain works. I can just imagine Jenova dancing in an 80's disco club while listening to this.
  4. You're not going to submit this to the Judges? But OCR is insultingly lacking in quality Fire Emblem coverage! I have to say... While most people would go as grand orchestra or super heartfelt with this melody... I don't know why, but the simple march motif you have with this mix is oddly charming. It... It doesn't lose any of its nostalgia factor at all, yet it still feels significantly new. I really do wish you would submit this to the OCR Judges, but you were kind enough to provide a link to the .mp3... In any case, you've done well.
  5. Very, very smooth. Not only does this mix closely stay true to its atmospheric roots, but when the guitar comes in... It's obvious that there was a lot of courage involved to make such a strong pronunciation of the melody out of such a minimalistic song, but it works. Definite download, for sure.
  6. Sure, it might have not been that "necessary", and it also might not have been as emotionally grabbing as most iterations of Terra's theme generally try to be... But while deviating from the source material to a fair extent, you still managed to be faithful to it, and the result was a very pleasant track. Surely, this is a piece worth downloading.
  7. I fell in love as soon as they mentioned the classic stages. >u< Yeah. I know my vote probably won't have much impact, but I'd love to see OCR get involved with this.
  8. Oh my.... I think a lot of those theories have some pretty credible claims. Except for the war thing.... It really makes no sense that there would be a war in the Kanto region. It's well established that the world of Pokémon is geographically identical to the real world, with a vast majority of the in game regions being based on real world locations (Kanto region = Kanto region, Unova region = New York City, etc.). Lt. Surge is also explicitly referred to as "The Lightning American", and is heavily implied to have been an American soldier. Therefor, it's most likely he's referring to a different war, possibly the Vietnam War, or the Korean War. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Oh my~ This is certainly a large medley! Mm, perhaps to compensate for the stunning lack of Touhou on this site? >u< Mm, at first I thought it would be kinda long and dragged out. Part of this is due to the fact that I've only played Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and only recognize the songs from that game. But it turned out to be rather engaging, and a joy to listen to. I almost ended up anticipating those few tunes that I did recognize, and smiled when they came up~ Honestly, I think this was very well done. I hate to sound like one of those people who have nothing constructive to say, but I liked this a lot. The only complaint I can possibly find in me is, as mentioned before, the incredible length. But even then, that's a very minor complaint. I'm looking forward to you submitting this to the judges.
  10. Ooh~! I liked it. The battle theme doesn't get enough love~ Mm, as far as suggestions go.... You seemed to stick to the original compositions a bit. Maybe consider adding a little spice to it here and there. Other than that, I was thouroughly satisfied with this medley of your's, and I do hope you consider submitting this to the judges.
  11. Mm, I like it... That ambient feeling of the song... It would seem a bit difficult to make a ReMix out of a simple ocarina melody, but I think you did a nice job. I don't think I have any complaints...
  12. Mm, darn... I would like to see more FAC, but I'm not on this site nearly enough to run a monthly competition.
  13. Mm... I really like the whole atmosphere of this song. Almost reminds me of the Metroid Prime trilogy.
  14. Hmm... Survival Horror... I really don't have any experience with that sort of thing, so I don't think I'll be entering this month... But still, can't wait to see everyone else's entries!
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