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New Dubstep: Perennial

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Mad chill vibes from this, I like it very much. I saw dubstep and I was expecting a big loud obnoxious romp but I was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance. Even with the various beats that come in its surprisingly relaxing in a strange way.

Keep it up man, this stuff is great.

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this is awesome. it goes places i wasn't expecting, but it never feels unnatural. the overall atmosphere is great and the production is way solid. pumped to hear the ep.

Thank you. The EP will sound much more like Guns//Dope (which will also be on it for that matter) but the other tracks are definitely more mellow and dubby, so happy compromises I guess.

Its also worth mentioning the high distorted glitchy synth during the second drop is a really timestreched Snappleman Sonic 3 remix sample. I can't remember which one but I felt it was relevant given the forum.

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