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My attempt at humanizing...

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It's definitely better than the unhumanized version. I'm not sure what your resources are as far as samples go, but these samples have a really percussive attack. It works for some of the notes, but I think legato would sound better on the scales. (

of a real flutist doing the articulation that it sounds like the excerpt is using.) If you keep this articulation throughout, you might want to shorten some of the notes to emphasize the sharp attack. The passage sounds right now like it's somewhere between staccato and legato and can't decide which it wants to be.

A couple of the rhythmic humanizations you've added are just a little off and sound more like performance stumbles than polished human performances.

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What you might want to think about is an ensemble, even if the flute is traditionally a solo instrument. When working with samples of orchestral instruments you have to do a lot of get the solo instruments sounding decent, since they're no way to sample them extensively enough to cover dynamic fast playing. If the sample set you're using has multi sampled articulations, what you want to do is load a keyswitch patch (which lets you switch between those articulations via unused notes on the keyboard) or load all the articulations separately and then work with multiple MIDI tracks. If you don't care about realism (which I prefer, actually) then you can layer other flutes over it and create an interesting ensemble. It'll sound fake, but nobody will care (unless you're going for realism, which is a very uphill losing battle).

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