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Acoustic Treatment


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Hello fellow Remixers. I'm starting to do a lot more mixing nowadays and I've got some pretty decent entry level decent equipment.

A pair of KRKrokit5s and a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones.

The problem is that most of my mixes don't translate very well to other stereos. These KRKs lack a lot of the sub low end and I currently don't have a sub woofer. While I am still practicing how to 'learn' my monitors, per se, I'm starting to think that acoustic treatment of my room may be a crucial factor in getting the best out of my gear. I've heard that you could have killer equipment but a terrible sounding room and it defeats the purpose of the equipment.

I don't do a lot of live instruments. At most I'll track an acoustic guitar or vocals. I mainly use software samplers.

I'm wondering if any of you have been in the same boat and decided to go with the treatment of the room? I'd be doing DIY panels so I can save money.

Does treating the room have a huge impact on listening to the monitors from a mixing standpoint? I've very serious about starting a small little project making some panels.

Thanks for the help.

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