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Back again, another mashup! DCT vs. Manau! (Want more Ice Cap?)


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Who'd have thought! Anyway, Manau is by far my favorite celtic-inspired French hiphop group (I know, they don't have much competition, but seriously, they're pretty great). But every time I listened to the title track of their cd, On Peut Tous Rêver, I knew I'd heard the song somewhere else, I just couldn't place it. Well, I think I have to turn in my nerd-music card - finally, after seriously years, it just hit me: it's the Ice Cap theme! Not just any Ice Cap, either - it's pretty much exactly DCT's Ice Cap. And I have proof (I chopped up and reordered DCT's remix a bit, and fiddled with the equalizer a bit, but still):

Manau - On Peut Tous Rêver (not modified in any way!)


DCT - Iced Out Nine Twenty Two (also known as a wip instrumental version of Memories Frozen in Time, but it was specifically that one I used, even though an instrumental was available of the accepted version :P)


neminem - On Peut Tous Iced Out

edit: bass now fixed properly, I think

Oh, and fun fact: except for the bridge, and igoring the fact that lyrically they're nothing alike, this Manau song (and by extension, also the Ice Cap theme) is pretty much equivalent to the tune of Nirvana's Rape Me. I couldn't find anything taking advantage of this - hopefully someone less mashupful and more Remixly will take advantage of this find, assuming it hasn't already been done?

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