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  1. Figured a few people here might enjoy this one, too - been driving me crazy until I ironed out enough of the kinds, ever since I heard the vocals last month and thought "not bad, but it should really be in a minor key, and have infinitely more of a connection to vampires".
  2. Btw, I finally also posted them on youtube - two part harmony with Miley Cyrus's Flowers, and the three part counterpoint version
  3. Not that anyone's likely to see this, a jillion years later, but a jillion years later, this became the silly mashup I was proud enough about having done, that it got me to start posting things on youtube I made on youtube where people could maybe actually see them - this song, which absolutely kicks, in two part harmony with Miley Cyrus's Flowers, and then as soon that happened, I ended up making a three part counterpoint version that also included I Will Survive... it is *weird* how well it works...) Anyway, serious amount of respect for Trenthian's vocals, too, haha. Or it wouldn't still have been floating around my head, 15 years later.
  4. @Trenthian This is basically for you, haha. Cause I think you'd love what I spent my long weekend doing, cause after I was doing, it was bugging me that I knew it was missing exactly one additional string section from somewhere. Once I realized the lyrics also fit perfectly... well, now it's a 3 part counterpoint. (I edited a link in, to the updated version)
  5. I was hoping you were still around, too. Haven't talked to you in multiple lifetimes, but that song still gets stuck in my head. Really gonna be now! P.s. I might not be done with it yet, I might be adding another layer of instrumental and a third counterpoint, there is, incredibly, another different famous song with related lyrics, and the same key and similar tempo.
  6. An absolute aeon since the last time I've posted here, but this one has been bothering me for months and I couldn't rest until I did it justice - as soon as Flowers started being ever-present as soon as it came out, it started bugging me that I knew it sounded exactly like an NES song. Then I started remembering lyrics that went with it, I was like, oh yeah, Trenthian did a vocal cover, that's right, it was pretty epic, too. Then, after scouring the internet for any other similar instrumental version, but obviously coming up empty because Trenthian's style is definitely his own (and, again, epic), I realized: a couple years ago I'd seen someone post a link to an interesting site claiming to be able to separate vocals and non-vocals completely, using AI. So I tried it, and dang if it didn't work. So thanks, Trenthian - I think this is the coolest mashup I've ever done. Flowers in my Armor (Wizards in my Mashup) Miley Cyrus - Flowers (vocals) v Trenthian & Brothersynthe - OC ReMix #1665: Wizards & Warriors 'Wizards in My Armor (Warrior in My Long Johns)' [Wizards & Warriors Title] (instrumental, and vocals sometimes) edit: I'm sad how few people will probably ever see this, cause I'm just doing it for my own amusement... but I made another version, that includes Gloria Steinem's I Will Survive in a significant capacity as well as the above. Flower in my Armor (Wizards in my Mashup) (I Will Survive version) I can't stress enough how well this works. I've never done a mashup with real counterpoint for the majority of the song, let alone where both vocal tracks also have their own independent harmonies, but these songs fit perfectly (I mean, I cut up the vocals and slotted them to fit, but the chord progressions.) On top of that, by complete accident, it's a breakup song about not needing the guy, vs a song that, through no fault of its own, is a guy singing about a woman as a literal object to be retrieved for a reward (again, nothing against it, it's a straight-up homage to an old platformer where "save the princess" was just what you did in those games, I'm just saying, the lyrics work together.) So I figured I had to share it with anyone else who might still be around, haha. I should really post these on youtube where people could actually find them...
  7. Lulz. Sorry for the bump, but I just dropped by WIP-Other to post a link to a new mashup I just made, the first one I'd actually finished (as opposed to getting halfway in not feeling like finishing/mastering it) in forever, then I decided to see if anyone had been talking about me in my absence. Was totally not expecting this thread, nor several links to my old stuff having been posted . Personally, though, I don't really think that Bust-a-move mashup I made was all that well-executed, though I am proud, albeit also surprised, to have been apparently the first mashup-person to have thought of it. Not to toot my horn or anything, though, but I am much happier with the mix I put this one through. (On Peut Tous Iced Out.) Mostly, though, I'm happy I came upon this thread because I saw the "OCRemix" mashups on my rss April 2nd, they were already broken links, so I stupidly assumed they always had been, and the joke didn't involve real mashups having been made. I'm glad they were, and that a mirror was hosted - can always have more vgmashups.
  8. Hey peoples, remember me? Bet you don't, I never come this way anymore. I never actually finish mashups ever anymore, either. But I just finished one, and while it isn't technically vgmusic, it still borrows half its source from a chiptune artist I learned of through this scene, one Big Giant Circles. So I figured if even a couple people besides me were amused by its similarity to a reasonably-well known rock song, that's reason enough to post it. I give you: Move Katana Blasters Along Big Giant Circles - Katana Blaster v. All American Rejects - Move Along I obvious take no credit for any part of the original sources, merely for cutting them up and stitching them together.
  9. Well... remember me? I bet you don't, I haven't been here in forever, I'm too busy being obsessed with KoL these days. I may not be as involved in the community, though, but that doesn't mean I've stopped enjoying vgmusic, and Uematsu is still pretty high up there on the list of awesome vgmusic composers. So, anyway, consider me posted, I guess. Edit: hah. I still have over 5 posts a day, and it's been like 4 years since I've been particularly active here. That's just hilarious.
  10. Who'd have thought! Anyway, Manau is by far my favorite celtic-inspired French hiphop group (I know, they don't have much competition, but seriously, they're pretty great). But every time I listened to the title track of their cd, On Peut Tous Rêver, I knew I'd heard the song somewhere else, I just couldn't place it. Well, I think I have to turn in my nerd-music card - finally, after seriously years, it just hit me: it's the Ice Cap theme! Not just any Ice Cap, either - it's pretty much exactly DCT's Ice Cap. And I have proof (I chopped up and reordered DCT's remix a bit, and fiddled with the equalizer a bit, but still): Manau - On Peut Tous Rêver (not modified in any way!) + DCT - Iced Out Nine Twenty Two (also known as a wip instrumental version of Memories Frozen in Time, but it was specifically that one I used, even though an instrumental was available of the accepted version ) = neminem - On Peut Tous Iced Out edit: bass now fixed properly, I think Oh, and fun fact: except for the bridge, and igoring the fact that lyrically they're nothing alike, this Manau song (and by extension, also the Ice Cap theme) is pretty much equivalent to the tune of Nirvana's Rape Me. I couldn't find anything taking advantage of this - hopefully someone less mashupful and more Remixly will take advantage of this find, assuming it hasn't already been done?
  11. Anyone still remember me? I'm guessing not so much, outside of maybe old UnMod regulars, who probably don't come here anyway. Be that as it may, once upon a time, I fiddled with mashups on a regular basis and actually finished them sometimes. As opposed to now, where I still fiddle with mashups sometimes, but hardly ever finish them. Well... when this Remix came out, it sounded like a well-known pop song, so I put the two together, then let it sit for ages. Today, I actually got it back out and finished it! I give you: halc - The Forest That Never Sleeps v. Owl City - Fireflies The Fireflies That Never Sleep The rest of my mashups are, of course, still here, if anyone cares.
  12. It does indeed sound very much like NIN. I mention this because this song just came up on shuffle on my mp3 player today, and now it's on my "I should make a mashup out of this song" list. Watch this space! (Also, yes, it is in fact quite a great remix. But you already knew that.)
  13. Hahaha... the sidebar. I never really cared one way or the other, but if I say it sucked, will you ban me? I totally missed out on that, back when I was active here. Also, that's an awesome site, Xerol.
  14. Thanks! One picture >> no pictures. P.S. Mustin, your sig reminded me - just in case you're curious, I've listened to Chronotorious like a dozen times already.
  15. Ping? How about those pictures, people who took pictures?
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