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Oracle of Ages

champ the hippie

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Look up Oracle of Lime, a remix album made by Hylian Lemon with the entire soundtrack. It's really good.

There is a WIP album of the Seasons soundtrack, too.

I actually was working on that too, until I lost a lot of inspiration and the song had no direction to it. So now I have to start from scratch

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i did double check, it's oracle of seasons that's not in there. and thanks for the link, is there any way to listen to it online? i feel a tad obnoxious, and for that i apologize. i'm new to this, so i'm still learning my way around and discovering things

Haha. No worries. The fact that you were looking for Oracle remixes means you're already a decent person. But it doesn't hurt to do a full search before asking stuff. :razz:

Some of the tracks are available on youtube, but otherwise you have to download to listen, if that's what you mean.

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