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Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled

The Phalanx

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I'm not usually big on online petitions, but Capcom has a history for listening to its community over the last several years. I signed up as a ServBot and posted in the thread too. Hoping this gets this game back on track. It was one of the biggest reasons I was looking at getting a 3DS (which is near guaranteed now that Nintendo is going to be lowering the 3DS price.)

Follow suit guys, Capcom seems to be actually listening on this one. Register as a servbot and post on the boards, join the Facebook group. Do what you have to if you're a Megaman fan.

http://getmeoffthemoon.blogspot.com/ <-- I just found this blog, it's regarding the fan effort. Bookmark'd, son.

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Servbot # 011666 signing in.

Also, this game is Capcom's last hope to get me as a customer outside of Monster Hunter on the Vita.. Anything else at this time I absolutely will not be giving capcom my money. If it's a game I want, I'll get it used or just rent it. Capcom's worse than EA with annual releases. This is less than a year apart for UMvC3....

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