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  1. I think I originally started hanging out on OCR forums in 2005 when I was around 15 years old. I decided to come back and lurk the forums/Discord more recently and this is my first post in many many years. I went back to school in 2019 at the age of 29 to begin a bachelor's in Computer Science/Mathematics so just been working at that. I took a summer class during the intercession period between the main semesters in the Fall/Winter and now I just started my second year I also got a job with the university radio doing a bunch of programming/server stuff. Despite the pandemic, things are g
  2. I like FF12 and I like Xenoblade. :3 I don't see anything wrong with the gameplay style short of making them real-time. It's the next natural evolution from turn based battles that doesn't involve getting rid of the turn based aspects completely. If you're complaining that the games aren't real time then yeah, I'll agree, but if you're complaining because you think traditional turn-based is better then you're just straight up wrong. You can play most old-school JRPGs just pressing the Attack button over and over again. I'm tired of that being the most meaningful decision to make in an R
  3. Incredible. I own the game and couldn't help but think how nice it would play in HD. Looks like it's time to set up Dolphin.
  4. Yeah it's weird. I even tried to go back and repaste the URLs and it keeps going lower case every time.
  5. With the way damage scales for repeating moves DMC3 mashing X would be a really stupid way to play that game Especially on harder difficulties
  6. Haha, I thought you were saying it was shit and I was agreeing with you, then I realized you said it's THE shit. I'll give Swiftkey props b/c they ninja–fixed a few things with SK4. Like, until the release of SK4 you couldn't just point in the middle of the word to get a list of corrections for it. But now what it does, is it forces the pointer at the end of the word. This already adds on to the fact that adding punctuation or making changes in the middle of a word in Swiftkey is already notorious for being a chore, which you sometimes have to do if you want to add that version of the word i
  7. I had used Swiftkey for a long time. Then I tried the Flow beta, which I thought was great because I could get my one-hand typing back plus Swiftkey has great auto–correct, right? Later on I tried the latest version of Swype and realized just how far behind Swiftkey was. Flow is good step in the right direction but Swiftkey has some major issues that have plagued it since the beginning—how slow it is, the lack of customization, and that correcting sentences and adding punctuation is still a major pain in the ass.
  8. Yeah. I was surprised when I found out you can't gift apps in the Play store.
  9. Yeah Super Hexagon is fantastic. So happy it finally came out for Android. Speaking of Android ports of amazing games, any fans of FTL? http://www.reddit.com/r/ftlgame/comments/18rfnu/i_think_there_should_be_an_ios_and_android/c8hhd8b Games A fun game that's sort of a free-form RPG is Knights of Pen & Paper and I definitely recommend checking it out. It really is inspired by tabletop games, to the point where you can add "tabletop items" that give you exp/gold boosts and everything you do including travel includes a dice roll for success. You actually see everyone chilling at the table
  10. I've been itching for a good tactical RPG lately and I completely forgot that Fire Emblem was due out. Consider me excited!
  11. I never saw this thread but I played the final chapter immediately after it came out and I have to say it is one of the most emotionally stirring games I've ever played from the beginning to end. Telltale has done some really good stuff, they've also done some really mediocre stuff. Walking dead is a step above all of it. The second chapter was the best.
  12. Play both, they're some of the best RPGs I've played in a while. TLS has an 80/100 on Metacritic. That's about where I'd put it too. It has a fantastic battle system with a lot of depth. I highly recommend if you play it, switch the battle setting to "Manual" and it becomes a very deep and engaging game. The gameplay is tight, has a really good upgrade and loot system, the plot has some redeeming qualities (quest for knighthood/princess stuff introduced at the beginning of the game is a really charming aspect of the plot) but there's other more obscure stuff that you might not like, on the ot
  13. Backed. Best of luck to the Rainfall team!
  14. No problem! Thanks to you for writing some great music dude. I've been listening as I surf the web and am super impressed with it. I'm really curious about this game. Do you know how far along the progress of the game is? I'm considering adding myself as a backer. There's not a lot said about how far along in development the game is. Even if it's still only 5-10% complete, by knowing that before I go into backing it at least I'd be knowing what to expect.
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