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Recommendations Request: Electronic Drum Kit

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EDIT: Forgoing the piano for now. Just going to get the drumkit, which actually allows me 1500+

I am looking for recommendations for both an electronic piano and electronic drum kit.

I have $700 set aside for each *1400 total* and am willing to go a bit higher if you guys know something a bit above that range.

For the drum kit, I am looking for something durable as well as something that has more than 5 pieces. It also must be able to have double bass pedals used on it. I am working on getting ready for joining up with a band soon, so this will be my go to instrument for that since I cannot have a "real" drum kit at home due to the noise it would create.

For the piano, I am looking for something that is awesome while still not amazingly expensive. Dhsu a few years back recommended me the yamaha p-90, but since that is now discontinued, something that is as great as that or even better would be wonderful.

Thanks guys! Looking forward to seeing what I can nab!

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For the piano, I am looking for something that is awesome while still not amazingly expensive.

Just a small point that may help you in your search: you're looking for a digital piano. People suck in distinguishing between "electric" (amplified) and "electronic" (generated), so by using the term "digital" it's obvious that it's well, electronic, and the word doesn't look like "electric" too much (which would net you results for Wurlitzer, Rhodes or Yamaha CP70/80 pianos).

Whatever you're going to get as advice: test it yourself if possible. The keyboard feel of a piano is very personal; too heavy or too light for your taste and you're not going to enjoy it. Furthermore, also look around for secondhand deals.

The P90 is discontinued; but because piano evolution is so slow, it's usually a repaint and a model number increase. Get http://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-P95B-Digital-Piano-Black/dp/B003KVKSYY/ The most radical innovations like physical modeling (Roland V-Piano) always come first in the most expensive models, and those are outside of your budget range anyway.

I've got a Roland FP7 myself because I thought the keys felt better than the Yamaha models around the same price - but again, that's a matter of taste.

Can't help you with the drumkit, though.

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You won't get a very good e-drums for 700$. You'll probably end up with a DTXplorer or something, but it can do the job. You won't have rim shots on the snare and muting cymbals and a lot less sensivity for velocities.

I work in a music shop and for 700$ that's all we could sell you, but it comes with the pedals. All the other kits, even a lot more expensive don't come with em.

What would you think would be the right amount I should save up for one, then?

I am willing to go a bit higher on the drumkit. I expected it to be a bit more expensive. The piano is my main focus right now, and since I was shown one that is around $600, I don't mind spending a bit more on the kit.

I want one that I will be able to use for a while, so what do you think would be the best one I should go for?


For the piano, I am also looking to use it as a midi controller later down the road, so if anyone has any idea for a good piano that ALSO happens to be a decent midi controller, that would be great.

The more I think about it, the more I realize I know exactly NOTHING when it comes to pianos/midi controllers/things that people use to make music on computer with.


EDIT x2: Skipping on the piano for now. Just going to focus on the drumkit. Budget just shot up to around $1500.

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