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Moddey Dhoo

Space Harrier - Space Habana

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After my Green Hill attempt, I have decided to post this as well. I haven't decided which I might use as a potential post to the judges on OCR, so any feedback will be welcomed.



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Y'know what? Percussion is something I like SO much I could marry em! That said, watch out for some biased criticism ^^' (nah, I'll try to be objective :P)

I like how things blend well together here, and the percussion does sound very good. They're just kinda loud to me, and the brass section could use of some more high-end. Spaces are filled well, there's cohesion and clarity everywhere, etc. This would be great for a game of some type :smile:

Tough to say this is OCR material, tho ._.'. To its standards, I'd say those instruments have quite a low quality, in spite of the good way you manage to work with them. Also, things are very sequenced, and even the percussion could use of some more velocity variations, articulations, sutile tempo deviations and stuff. You'll need to humanize your instruments.

After listening to this a few times, I also have a feeling that it's barely interpretative from the source, because of the way the keys are arranged and ordered... Dunno?

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