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  1. Still onboard for Ice Water? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bCLR3NYOQMvNJjJZq7nZwC5s2M3Cz_EKCWzNv8eu6WM/edit?authkey=CKOhkIML

    Tryin' to get it an official project forum by the end of the month so we can get rollin', if you're still interested.

    Sincerely with Thanks,

    Hunter "Rubix" Short

    a.k.a. nintendude794

  2. Hi, Sorry, if I reposted this. I have just realised that you had to change the status in the same thread. Please forgive me... Chris
  3. Hi, After my Green Hill attempt, I have decided to post this as well. I haven't decided which I might use as a potential post to the judges on OCR, so any feedback will be welcomed. Chris
  4. Hi! Here is my completed version of Green Hill Zone. It is inspired by Sonic. After playing around with the first two versions, I got my old Yamashita Tatsuro tapes out I got in Japan in the 80's and fell in love again with his style. Please tell me what you think...
  5. It's nice, the drums sound like a Commodore 64. I liked the synths and the overall sound, though I am not familiar with the source tune. I love listening to peoples remixes, I am new here as well, but I used to come on OCRemix years ago to have a listen. I think the build up to start sounds fine, by the way. It has a nice filtered quality that, brings us into the main part, I enjoy that effect. Good stuff.
  6. Hi! Version 2. I completely overhauled it and added some nice Linn drums. ...tell us what you think!
  7. Hey Guy, Huh? After you pointing the cymbals out, it was like only then I realised they were out. You are very helpful, thanks, and especially after hearing it again. I'm happy you liked it.
  8. Thanks you lot! I felt before I put this on here, that I needed to have an opinion on the overall volume of the instruments in it. I'm glad two of you agree that the main tune is buried beneath the background. To be honest it's what I wanted to hear, thanks guys...
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by that, my intention was to be more improvised as in jazz. If it lacks the actual tune of Green Hill in that sense, then perhaps I'm missing the point? I hope you mean the volume of the different instruments in it, because that is something I'd hoped you lot would help me with, before I made my post! Is the background too busy, anyway? Thanks
  10. Hello, Please have a listen! Any feedback is welcome, and appreciated!
  11. To my ear, this track sounds more like euro dance. Hugely popular in Europe and other parts of the world, Japan etc. I think it has a lovely transparent quality to it, like the melodies float in the air, while the bass keeps you anchored to the ground. If you were to put a nice female vocal over it, I think you'd agree with me it sounds more like euro dance. I'm thinking of perhaps a similarity between Alice DeeJay's great track, Better Off Alone. In Europe you will have heard it, it got high up in the pop charts here in the U.K. and around the rest of 'our' part of the world in Europe in 1999. Euro dance enjoyed the peak of it's popularity during the 90's. Today, it is still enjoyed, and a kind of new 'euro' style emerged from it for the 2000s, still retaining it's fun, happy sound, although a bit harder in it's sound as well. Check out the gorgeous Cascada and hear (and see!) what I mean. Cascada are German. I like it very much and Final Fantasy VII has a great soundtrack.
  12. Try some of the British trance producers like Solarstone or Above and Beyond. I like trance music and those two names I mentioned above are always on my mp3. player! You might enjoy people like Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto as well. They are very popular DJs/producers that play many big venues around the globe. Paul Van Dyk is another very good musician in this type of music. He is German and is also very popular amongst folk who like trance. There is also an internet radio station called DI (Digitally Imported). Try typing in Digitally Imported into a search engine and see what comes up. They are based in New York and there is a surprising amount of genres on there, to listen for free, as well. All of those genres are electronic, there's house, techno, trance, goa/psy trance, euro dance, the whole blinking lot, I'd highly recommend that site. It is well designed and easy to use, so that is nice. Hope this helps...;-p
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