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BOTTLENECK - a new / unique mallet instrument RELEASED! - $15

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Happy Saturday Everyone!

BOTTLENECK has been released for $15, here are the details:


Info, demos, and purchase options can be found on the main bottleneck page:


A set of 3 glass wine bottles which have been meticulously recorded, pitch shifted, and turned into 7 multisampled kontakt instruments. Surprisingly, this library is geared toward building cinematic tension / suspense in sci fi, quirky, or horror related projects. Much like the Dryer Drum of Death, there is an included delay complete with built in step sequencer, as well as an arpeggiator in 3 of the instruments. Both of which TEMPO SYNC to your host.

Video tour of the library:


- 4 to 6 Velocity Layers for most samples (be sure to try different velocities!)

- Controllable reverb. A reverb On / Off button is right on the GUI (starts in the ON position)

- Low hits which have been pitched and designed

- High hits which have been slightly tuned

- Sample base is unlocked

- Built in kontakt arpeggiator and delay sequencer, both tempo sync to your host sequencer

- Mod wheel controls the attack to get even more dynamic control

- Cost: $15

Check out the main page for more TENSION filled libraries:

There are some VERY exciting upcoming releases, including this very cost effective and epic orchestral snare library:

As well as this horror themed percussion and ambience suite:



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Just hit 26 fans on facebook after a week... so why not have a sale to celebrate!

Bottleneck is now $10

Claved is now $12

Our cinematic snare library, Tension Snare, will be released soon for $12 and then our horror scoring Juggernaut, The Door, will be released after that! Stay tuned!


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As well as this horror themed percussion and ambience suite:

Just wanted to say, this one sounds fantastic. The idea of designing an instrument with a door is genius.

Overall these are some truly unique and ineed epic sounding libraries.

What more they're offering very interesting sound-design possibilities at a great price.

I hope you'll eventually create a dedicated package with all these, like PS Symphobia.

This market hasn't been extensively covered yet, so it can be a successful venture with enough publicity. :)

People interested in unique ambience geared and cinematic production tools should definitely check these out.

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Thanks DJ!

Yeah, THE DOOR, is a pretty rad little library and it has gotten a great reception from my beta testers. There are a couple of really great melodic (and CREEPY) flute patches I made from various squeaks with said door. For the percussion aspect of the library I took shovels, sledgehammers, and my own foot to the door for various types of impacts. There's a percussion instrument that this will ship with called PRC_FactoryChase that is essentially various door hits (with multiple velocities) that sounds really cool. More details and info coming soon!!

Don't forget to check out the new Tension Snare demo and details... it's a great epic snare library that won't break the bank ($12).

Thanks for the support!!


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