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  1. A tiny little minimalist house arrangement of 'Factory Tour' from Kirby 64. Had fun making this, thought I'd share.
  2. Don't worry about it, no offense taken or anything. It's all good man. :)
  3. It's less to do with self-esteem and more to do with limitations. Tracks with busy soundscapes are taxing to arrange cause I have near constant tinnitus. And since I need to listen to a song many times just to reconstruct the stereo image in my mind (can only hear in mono), things quickly get overwhelming and time consuming. I do love using voice/sfx in remixes tho.
  4. Must have been a popular library at the time, cause some of these vocal clips were also used in Rage Racer and Einhander. Phenomenal track, but much like the RR Revolution source, way above my pay-grade. Luv the idea of the sample pack tho.
  5. *adds another McMix while no one is looking and runs away*
  6. ^ This. Let's be real, finding folks interested in arranging unpopular games has always been (and always will be) an uphill battle. That's why it's so amazing that this compo still exists. That said, the PRC410 thread already has more view than any round since 2017 (PRC356). So whatever you guys did, it worked. Hopefully that'll translate to a few entries. Cheers.
  7. First, just wanna say I've got mad respect for you (and @Rexy as well) for holding the torch all those years, providing a training ground that fostered musicianship and helped so many of us develop their skills through friendly competition, all the while paying tribute to lesser known game music, which is a mission we have in common. Every time I fell off the llifeboat and tried to claw my way back into remixing, this compo was always there to help me find the north again. So believe me, I do not wish to see it gone anytime soon. As for promotion, while I'm nowhere near popular or prolific enough to be giving PRC the props it deserves, I'm willing to do what I can on social media. You could also get in touch with starla for advice, because the OHC has got a thriving community and overwhelming participation every week, so she's bound to know the magic formula. Lastly, I believe community Discord servers (OCR, ThaSauce) would be a great place to advertise the beginning of each round, cause I betcha a lot of new remixers bypass the forums to go there. In all fairness you can't be expected to keep the compo alive all by yourself. That's admirable, but also defeats the whole purpose of a 'community' event.
  8. @TheVideoGamer Nah, I honestly think (and I've said so in the past) that this compo deserves to be promoted in some way. Afaik, there is no advertisement/relay either on social media or in podcasts, meaning the success of this event depends largely on recurrent participation through word of mouth. Which, don't get me wrong, can be endearing as a VGM Fight Club of sorts, but at the same time is baffling considering the strength in numbers this community has. Not to mention @Bundeslang has already removed the last barrier of entry that was having to sign up on TS to participate. There very well could be half a dozen entries every round if we just posted/tweeted/talked about it outside of this forum subsection. Unless of course the point was to keep the circle small all along, in which case I'll just shut up and keep remixing.
  9. Less than a day left, hoping for a few more entries this round.
  10. Digging the slow buildup and wonderfully chill direction on your 'My Home' wip. You've created a dreamy yet uncertain atmosphere with those lush pads coupled to the (albeit a little too upfront) detuned stabs. I'd suggest boosting the overall dynamics slightly, and progressively adding more complexity to elements like the percussions, playing with layers and effects for added depth, just to make the intro slightly less meandering before you transition into the meat of the source. I imagine you're aiming for the kind of soundscapes heard in PSO and above, to truly modernize the source, and imho you're headed in the right direction. Can't wait to hear how this one develops.
  11. Weird, the midi I linked comes straight from VGMusic. Doesn't have any author listed though, so not sure who did the original transcription. Thanks for taking a pass at the source. This made my day.
  12. This is a really fascinating idea that could potentially be a blessing or a curse, depending on implementation. Mind elaborating on your vision and/or requirements for those tracks?
  13. Great to see some Ridge Racer in there. Props to whoever comes through this round, cause hardcore is not an easy genre to arrange.
  14. The plan was to motivate others to enter the round during the extension. That plan has backfired. :D @HoboKa @Dextastic Thanks for the feedback guys, it's appreciated more than you know. :) @Bundeslang First place wooden spoon eh? I'll hit you up with a source asap.
  15. @DarkSim Guess I need to stop boosting frequencies that are out of my hearing range, especially the low-end. Thanks you so much for the listen and critique.
  16. Yeah, SoR2 pipe hit is one of the most cathartic sfx in all of retro gaming. Sadly Lizardcube didn't get the memo.
  17. Glad to see the compo is still going. Might try to get a mix in before the extended deadline. Are the old TS credentials still valid for compoverse? Worse case I'll send you a link.
  18. This massive undertaking is made all the more impressive considering what you had to go through to lay the groundwork for this project. More Phantasy Star coverage is always a good thing and I wish you mad luck in completing this daunting beast of a tribute. Cheers!
  19. Just committed the cardinal sin of remixing popular VGM by making this hybrid HipHop/EDM remix of Go Straight from Streets of Rage 2, to celebrate the release of SoR4. Though I know this isn't admissible on OCR due to liberal use of in-game sfx, I'd still love to get some feedback for the arrangement, cause one ear can only take me so far.
  20. Been trying to get back into remixing for the past 5 years, while dodging massive curveballs and being forced into several hard-resets. But I'm not giving up, and carry on my mission to humbly celebrate under-appreciated VGM in whatever capacity life allows. Cheers. :)
  21. Ditto. Thanks to BOTH of you for taking the time to arrange the song. Your mixes made my day.
  22. Poll is a bit random. My suggestion was simply to look at what worked in the case of OCR compos when it comes to drawing contestants/voters, and apply some of that magic to your compo. Again, the formula of the PRC is fine and doesn't need to go through an existential crisis. Remixing a game instead of one specific source would make voting unmanageable imo. The source-selection skip/switch system suggested by Overkillius sounds pretty good to me. Having more than one option to submit a song is great, but allowing folks to vote here might do some good too. Most importantly, if you want more people entering the compo don't forget to talk about PRC outside of this thread. Ultimately, the goal is to find ways to up participation and minimize "XX days extension" and "winner by default" scenarios as much as possible. The Metal Gear, Front Mission and Ace Combat series feature some of my fav VGM out there. Excellent, yet criminally under-remixed soundtracks really. Were you by chance talking about the One Hour Compo? Got started with this in 09 and indeed it was great to meet for this weekly, fun little exercise, talking music with people in irc, the sense of urgency to complete a song in time and then listening to everyone's entries live at the end. Not sure the logistics of it would translate well to PRC though, with the time zone differences and small number of contestants/entries. Could be worth looking into... That's what the MIDI file is here for. Unless of course you prefer to translate the source by ear. Sadly I won't have time to submit a bonus entry this round, but I'll be sure to vote.