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Drakengard Chapter 12 and Chapter 11 DNB remixes

Sonic 3

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Hey there guys. One thing I love about Drakengard 1 was the awesome music. Every single track really seemed to be so different and expertly composed. So I decided to do a few rough drum n base remixes of two of my favourite tracks, Chapter 11 Ground, and Chapter 12 Sky, Ground and final.

Chapter 12 (Based on the Sky, Ground and Final tracks)

Chapter 11 (Ground, + parts of Chapter 10 Ground)

Let me know what you guys think. They are made using edited samples of the aforementioned tracks. I will stress, on the Chapter 12 track, I tried to emulate the style of the tracks themselves, so if you really hated those three tracks from the OST, you're not going to like the remix. You may want to give the original Sky track from Chapter 12 a listen first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2AO43vIVeQ&feature=related

They are a little rough, and probably need to be mastered etc.

But I think they're ok, and besides I haven't seen a SINGLE Drakengard Remix anywhere, which tries to emulate the styles of the original tracks.

Let me know if you like, or if you don't like. They are pretty much finished, but if you guys really like them, I will clean them up and REALLY go to work on them. I will also be uploading other game remixes, such as Sonic CD etc.

One more thing. I know they are a little long pushing 10 minutes each, but I really feel I was able to get quite a lot out of these tracks.

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so......anyone have anything to say about these?

Are they too long? They both ush 8-9 mins which is a little long...

Are they not varied enough?

Are they too 'cheap' sounding?

Do they need to be mastered?

Is the volume way off?

Is there a part of the track you don't like?

ANY criticism/response. Even if it's just to say 'meh its ok.'

or maybe I should just submit these as they are????

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Fun stuff. Never played Drakengaurd, but the music sounds freaking epic.

There is, however, one small problem:

Taking the original game audio and simply adding drum loops or using an existing MIDI file and assigning new instruments does not qualify as substantial or original arrangement.

From the submission standards FAQ. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but that pretty much sounds like what you're doing. So the question is: is this for OCR or just for fun? If the former, you'll have to start from scratch.

Also, I'm not a fan of using drum-loops, though that's perfectly fine for DnB. But I'd suggest getting in there yourself with the drums to keep it original. I definitely heard some familiar sounding loops in there.

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