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  1. I think it's a combination of more liberal/wider reverb in the originals, plus a sort of downsampled fuzziness that I didn't recreate. But I know what you mean. Thanks for catching that missing song, forgot to add it to the playlist.
  2. Thanks, Darke. I studied X1 quite closely to get the sound down, and balance it with originality.
  3. 35 original tracks from the X1 soundset. Enjoy! YouTube playlist | Bandcamp download
  4. Just an FYI that I just finished posting all the character themes so far. Link is still in the previous post.
  5. Thanks for the words, man. If the first track's your favorite, you'll probably also really like the last, since they are structurally similar ...which is also the other female character...didn't even realize that coincidence until now! Guess it was subconscious... I'm debating whether to just post em all or wait a bit and tinker.
  6. Updated! Will post the other track a bit later to round out the first wave, and give a little more insight on their character.
  7. Quite lovely. Definitely something I throw into a playlist whilst chillaxin. I felt like it got a bit repetitive around the 3:00 mark, like the part that picks up around 4:00 should have came it around then to break it up. Other than that, pretty sweet man.
  8. Might post a couple more up later tonight. Next two are both very X'ey in different ways, couple of my favorites for what I've done so far.
  9. Such a resounding response! Well, anyway, I'm posting some of the tracks up gradually here if anyone fancies a listen: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=48399
  10. A little project for fun - thought up some X characters so I could compose themes for them. Using an MMX soundfont found around the web, and a couple custom rips from a friend, in FL Studio. Most of the writing is done, but I'm having trouble getting the exact character of the X instruments down. I got a handle on the echo/detune tricks used throughout the ost, but there's a certain sort of timbre that's just different when you side by side the rips to the originals. I think it's a specific application of reverb...So, feedback appreciated. Trying closely for the X sound and also obeying the 8 voice limit. --> Heatseeker Fossa <-- One of two female characters I came up with. A Fossa is kind of a cat/mongoose looking animal from Madagascar. She is a expert hunter/tracker specializing in guerrilla warfare - basically female Rambo. I envision the level as a dense jungle during a rainstorm. Edit: Not exactly set on what type of weapons she would use, but I like the idea of an explosive crossbow, and maybe some close range blade technique. --> Stealth Coati <-- Coati is a raccoon like animal from Mexico. This character is sort of the antithesis of Heatseeker Fossa, in that he is a long range assassin - picture a little rodent with a big ass sniper rifle. Mavericks don't typically use guns that aren't attached in some way, but they are seen on a character or two from some later games, and I thought it'd be something different. Level is an evacuated old city, mostly inside poorly lit buildings and such. I tried to do a sort of espionage tone but with the dark/aggressive X flavor applied. --> Rush Bongolope <-- My token big guy, with a hard rockin' track inspired by Tunnel Rhino. The name of the animal is actually just "Bongo" which is in the antelope family. But "Rush Bongo" just sounds dumb, so I went with the Japanese naming route and spiced up the last name a bit by combining in antelope (which also gives a better clue to the animal anyway). Primary weapon would definitely be the horns. Not too sure about the level, but it would be some cool Africa lookin shiet I suspect. --> Rally Railgator <-- This is actually the first guy I came up with. I thought if this were an actual game, it would be cool to tie it in to the previous Mega Man games in unique ways. I thought not only X, but classic...So I thought of a character that was built from parts of two previous robots. Enter Rally Railgator, built from parts of Wheel Gator from X2 and Turbo Man from MM7. So he's like...a transformer car alligator...then I just gave him a rail gun as a weapon cuz it makes the name sound cool (make it shoulder attached cuz car). I also thought it'd be cool to give him less of a "badguy" vibe, but more of just a guy on the opposite side vibe, so I just went all the way made him actually heroic in presentation. Like some Super Sentai or Captain Falcon-esque personality. Stage would probably resemble Turbo Man's quite a bit in design, but obviously less cartoony and more X'ish. Anyway, with all this, I wanted the theme to be dramatic and very "Capcom", but not too cliche. --- --> Psycho Isopod <-- The first of the second wave. These character are a lot more on the weird side as far as powers go, where as the first four were more military based. I toyed with the idea of having this game play out like mega man 7, with the first 4 characters, then the second 4, which ties into the story I'm thinking of...Anyway, this characters is the "data extraction specialist" that can neuro-hack other reploids/devices. It can create digitized copies of itself or others using the data, aside from generally hindering whatever it hacks. For the theme, tried to go with an electric/energy tone with hints of "monster" since an isopod is quite on the freaky side. --> Hellfire Hornero <-- One of my favorites. The first half is a bit different than something you'd hear in X, but the second half reigns it back in. I did want to have at least one song that strayed a bit though, and I really like how this came out. A Hornero is a South American (I believe...) bird that builds nests that kind of look like little ovens. This characters stage is a forge/furnace where junk metal is melted down or recycled. I wanted to base it on an animal that liked to construct things, so there's some weird and freaky concocted stuff down in this level. A very hellish look/feel. The characters weapon would be a torch that resembles a scythe to play on the theme. --> Lazer Vampsquid <-- And this is what I would consider the highlight of the tracks so far. I feel like it captures X perfectly, and the echo synth lead came out sounding really cool. This characters is based on a Vampire Squid. He uses scientifically altered lazer weapons based on bio luminescence. In some pictures of vampire squid, you can see the tips of the tentacles glow, so you can imagine how he'd use his attacks. This would obviously be the underwater level, but I'd make it especially annoying with a bunch of technical laser dodging sections in some low visibility areas. Basically the level you hate --> Shatter Andromacha <-- Last but not least, my other female character, and also what I would consider the coolest character I came up with. Andromacha is part of the scientific species name for the Glasswing butterfly. This character wings break apart to either defend or attack, and can recombine off her body to form different things (like a mirror to reflect shots). The level would be out in some sort of space station with some weird experimental technology involved. The tone of this track has a "final stage" sort of feel to it, and I think being out in space works well with that.
  11. I have a little project set in the X universe similar to what Xavier Dang did with Mega Man. I made up 8 mavericks of my own to compose level themes for as a fun exercise, though I might do a full soundtrack eventually. I thought it would be cool to find an artist to illustrate the characters too. If anyone here is interested, or knows someone who likes to draw X, post or hit me up. Not all the themes are 100% but I can definitely post some up if anyone is interested.
  12. Ha, getting a sort of Pilotwings 64 vibe from this. You had reservations about the sample quality, but this is a perfect example of samples that just gel for a complete sounding experience. Style is a thing! Super smooth, insta download, good stuff.
  13. I'd like to hear you get a little more flourishy in the quiet piano sections, in the spirit of Jazz (especially in the last section). Solo section is great and transitions well back into the source - I don't think it's a problem. Very nice take on the theme
  14. Pretty much done, but still open to feedback. Definitely need a name. Have a few in mind, but thought it'd be fun to shop around. http://music.metaphist.com/music/wip/metaphist-green-hill-zone-wip.mp3
  15. That write-up is too good. And the track is just what you'd expect from a collab of this caliber. Some shells were definitely kicked during the making of this.
  16. I was really impressed with this one. Expands on the original in all the right ways IMO. Awesome job man.
  17. All I have to say is WOW. I couldn't have asked for a better remix of this source. It's perfect.
  18. Finally listened to the talkback, found out about this. Winter Springs, FL
  19. Eh, I really wanted to drop 2 cents in that thread, but I'd rather not be accused of resurrecting anything. I just think it's kind of interesting that people get mad when an OC ReMix isn't somehow the greatest song of all time. Like, how could that happen. Is that good, or bad? And the whole circle jerk thing: Who do I need to talk to about that? I'm a couple remixes in and I still haven't received my hand job... Joking aside, that's literally the absence of objective thinking. The overall quality of the music dropping for any given individual would be a direct result of the talent pool widening, not the opposite. Eh, such is the internet.
  20. Yo, dude, I just saw the Apex video...SOOOO GOOOOD lol. You're awesome.

  21. Is there a way to get emailed when a talk back starts? I always miss them...
  22. Looks pretty cool, actually. I didn't even realize Smash was missing that archetype - the Jojo-esque "stand" for lack of a better comparison. I was hoping they wouldn't cram too many Mario characters in, but representing Galaxy makes sense. Now to wait three years the for the next announcement.
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