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Rise of the Triad - Shards


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I always thought this game had an amazing and terribly underrated OST, so I finally decided to work on a remix of one of the tracks. However, as my other videogame related work, maybe it's a bit conservative to be considered a remix, so let's just call it a "tribute".

Here's the original track:

And here's my WIP:


Sorry if the synth guitars are too crappy.

Any comments and suggestion are totally welcome, as I'm a bit stuck - don't know how to continue/end it.

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Sounds too much like the original. Perhaps this can be improved simply by rearranging the chronological order of certain parts of the song. Obviously the *instruments* sound much different.

As for an ending, perhaps try an ascending arpeggiated minor chord and then end an octave higher than the root of the chord.

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Sounds too much like the original.

Yep, that's what I intended :-P Keeping it just like the original -similar instrumentation, similar structure- but adding a metal touch. As I said, it's not meant to be a remix.

As for an ending, I think I've already come up with an idea.

Thanks for commenting :-)

PS: Is it just me, or Soundcloud is down?

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