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MRB 04 - Mirby's ReMixing Bout!! - The Blast Corps Fortnight!!


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Yes, I have a compo now. Mirby's ReMixing Bout is a biweekual compo dedicated to getting love to lesser-known tracks. Participants have a full fortnight (that's 2 weeks, or 14 days, or 336 hours or...) to figure out the source track, remix it however they see fit, and upload it. And it's all on SolidComposer too! I'll quote JH with the details on that.

All the action happens at SolidComposer including the listening party, which is automated. For those new to the site: entrants must sign up for an account to upload their entries (in MP3 format) to the compo round page. The theme will appear at the start of the compo round...The compo is open to anyone, from beginners to the well-experienced.

So come, and have fun in the MRB! (Yeah, see what I did there?)

The next round has BEGUN!! MRB is a GO!

Mirby's ReMixing Bout 004

The chat for this edition opens on October 9th at 12PM Pacific/3PM Eastern and the mixes are due on October 15th, 2011 at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern!! Let the bout begin!

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Well, Obtuse showed up at the end of MRB003, and convinced me to make a track (his requirements for entering) so I did.

The results are here.

Also, first post updated with new link and times for MRB004.

As per KyleJCrb's request on a recent installment of GameFuel, this edition of the Bout is the Blast Corps Fortnight! ANY track from the game will be allowed in. The question is... which one will you pick?

If you need a midi, VGMusic has a few over there. Have a blast!!

no pun intended... maybe

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