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MC Ardle

You Keep On Trollin' (please provide feedback)

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While lying in my bed late one night, trying to get to sleep, I suddenly got this song. I thought it to be witty and interesting, so I sung it softly to myself, and went back to trying to get to sleep.

It didn't go away.

In fact, it plagued me for another hour. And then almost as soon as I woke up, I remembered it again, and it plagued me for another hour and a half. Eventually, I decided that I'd try to make the song, so I could still keep it without it interrupting my regular thought processes.

So... here is the song. I checked to see if someone else had done this (via Google), and the only thing that came up was one person's Twitter post, so I am sure that this is original, and not a subconscious rip-off of something that's been done years ago (you wouldn't believe how much that happens to me). Here's a Youtube video for those that don't like Soundcloud. From now on, I'm going to post a link to this whenever someone tries to troll me. :)!!

Please give me any feedback, direction, and money (jk) you have for me.

Evan McArdle :-D

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Sounds pretty good. The lead is about 10 seconds longer than I would have liked. It needs an ending and a bit more going on with it imo. I like the bassline. Possibly make it at least a minute longer as its too short. Keep at it 8)

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