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  1. What's January's theme? ...or am I too early?
  2. http://soundcloud.com/evan-mcardle/out-of-control If you're reading this, could you please post some feedback on this track?
  3. Thanks. I think I have some grasp on it now. I've looked on Wikipedia to learn a bit more. Is there anybody here that currently works as a DJ that can explain their work? Insight from such a person would be much appreciated.
  4. Wobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwob At the start of the year, I wouldn't have listened to dubstep at all. Now, somehow, I'm finding myself listening to it way more than I probably should. Why?
  5. In the last month or two, I have had heaps of people commend me on my music (not trying to brag). The "Curiosity" link in my signature is actually a link to my soundcloud account, so you can take a look for yourself. About a dozen of those people suggest that I should consider being a DJ. That sounds like a good idea, but I have next to no idea what DJ-ing involves. I know that they play songs and scratch discs, and the good ones make their own music, but that's about it. So I have two questions: 1) With the level of knowlege and competency of music that I have so far, how difficult would this be for me to do? 2) What exactly does it mean to be a DJ: a) both 20-30 years ago when it was new and Nowadays? Thank you for your input.
  6. Yep, ready whenever you are. What are the lines?

  7. Hey, sorry only just saw your reply about the voice over lines, are you still up for a line or two?

  8. Are you still searching?

  9. Is it dynamic enough now? (See first post for link) I also reduced the volume for the bass, like Wii Tank suggested.
  10. Who likes Dubstep? Who likes Sparta Remixes? If you like either, or both, you have got to listen to this. Although it is finished, it will still need to be mastered. Nevertheless, here it is. And in case you were wondering, I made this from scratch, only taking soundbites from the movie, and listening to other remixes. Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yL-dj44qYk Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/evan-mcardle/sparta-dubstep Please comment here or there.
  11. Hey man! Haven't been workin' that tune as of late. I'm going to re-do the guitars. My CPU usage was way too high and I got latency so the guitars were out of time...amateur mistake on my part.......

  12. It seems that you're being a bit stingy and restrictive with your offer. Most people will overlook this proposal if all they're going to get back is five copies of what they already have. It's not a very appealing offer, to be honest. Most musicians swarm whenever there's money involved, though...
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