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Another Hydrocity Mix

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Well, I've been inspired over the past few years by some of the great Hydrocity mixes I've heard from

, and, of course, housethegrate's
. I have made a few attempts at arrangements over the years but have felt that I've taken a significant leap recently as far as production values go so I'm deciding to post something for a change.

I've done this almost entirely from memory and started with the B section when putting this together. I also wanted to go for an 80s sound through and through, which has lead to a lot of synth usage throughout thus far. Still a serious work in progress and much is to be done, but I did want to show it off and see if anybody had any input, comments, praise, criticisms, or pure hatred regarding what is done so far!


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I really dig it so far. As far as arrangement goes, maybe you could have it build up or something, because just starting as it does seems awkward to my ears. I like what you've done with the melody, adding little trills and bits of interest like that, good work. The only thing I can gripe about is towards the end, where you start doing slides, maybe you could turn on a delay or something to help smoothen that part out. All and all a fantastic start though!

Also, what synths are you using?

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Very nice indeed. Digging the vintage analogue feel. Don't be afraid to let those synth strings shine more, especially in the beginning. Maybe even decrease their attack time so they punch in more. Then pull them back circa 0:40 so that bassline can show itself.

I'd pull back the highs in the snare and give a bit more punch. It sounds like your limiter is hollowing out certain frequencies; so maybe loosen up a bit on that.

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