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Chemical Plant ReMix


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When I first heard the low-res drums, I thought "Oh great...It's another one of THOSE mixes." Then the rest of the song came in, and I was like "WHOA! Blast of awesome from behind."

Well executed!

Thanks, I was still trying to keep the original feel of the Genesis track.

There are aspects I like, but overall it sounds very messy and cluttered.

Yep, that's usually how I like my music; lots of stuff going on.

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The cymbals seem too high; EQ em down imo.

maybe think about layering the soundscape in gradually as opposed to throwing it in all at once. Also, a change in instruments would help; i hear a little of that going on, but i think it could be greater.

Get a more layered square; it sounds pretty weak/vanilla compared to the background

Pretty much everything thats been said; as it is right now, it sounds less "thick soundscape" and more "messy soundscape." work with dynamics and EQ to bring the background back and the main leads front.

Good arrangement though. Im a sucker for Chemical Plant. :smile:

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