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I knew this would be epic because of your epic Roller Disco track! :nicework: I see there's plenty of varied segments in this, and I seriously LOVE the ethnic break one from 1:41-1:52. Nice drum work, SICK guitar playing, nice production overall ^^

My problem with it is that those segments seem to be too separated from each other, as if they were different songs glued together. Transitions could be worked better, and there's also some trouble sticking to a style, which is somewhat distracting. There's mostly orchestral stuff going until 1:40, when the ethnic break comes and goes to a drum n' bass pattern at 1:53, so it explodes into hard rock at 2:28, transitioning to a lighter style at 3:09, going orchestral again at 3:38! Then it goes mellow again until the end.

I actually think it's okay to have different styles working together in a song, as long as it doesn't feel too disjointed. So yeah, transitions are mostly my concerns, but still I love the sound of this. If you could find a way to avoid how some instruments play too little in it (that's maybe due to the high amount of 'em), that'd be even cooler :grin:

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For the most part it's an awesome remix. The drums doesn't fit all the time, 1:05 on could've been orchestral percussion. The drums work well on 0:41 though.

It jumps a lot from part to part. The parts that I wouldn't miss personally is the synth part at 1:52 and 3:09 guitar. But the rest range from good to great. I should've gone with list mode for feedback.

Was sweet listening to, League of Legends ftw ;D

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