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finished 'End of the Road' Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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End of the Road





Been a long time since I've posted anything here, mostly because I haven't felt like I've made anything worth sharing in quite some time. Not even sure this one is worth it, but it is (in my opinion) the best cover I've produced thus far.

Anyway, this is a metal cover of the 'Credit Roll' music from A Link to the Past. It doesn't really stray from the original at all other than the fact that I've dropped it into a minor key. It is finished, as the thread title states, but I still welcome comments and criticism.

I know its not Sixto or Nekofrog quality, but I hope someone besides myself can enjoy it :P

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Hey! Not bad! Really nice idea to switch to minor, it fits nicely. I know the song is finished, but I am going to give some advice anyway on some things you may want to think about next time around. Or if you ever DO retackle this, for a possible OCREMIX quality post (it could happen IMO).

It's hard to put my finger on what I am trying to say here, but I think it's not about the guitar skill, or the sound, it's really about the writing, I'm gonna write about it as if you were gonna change it, it makes it easier for me to approach it this way, as my problem is w/ the writing.

The synth you are using, it's kind of weak compared to the guitar. Are you using any automation on it? Get some wankery in with the mod wheel, program some love into it, anything to make it more memorable.

And here's some specific writing advice: 1:04... I think you should hold that note w/ the guitar, and then introduce your synth as a lead and repeat that part one more time instead of doing the next part of the song... Mess around with the lead synth, get creative, and let your guitar play some accompany (harmony) behind it... This would make your transition into what you have at around 1:04 easier. Right now as it is, that synth comes in kind of abruptly. When you introduce the synth also, I think you should go for more harmony, the guitar and the synth when doubled up don't sound very good to me honestly.

So let's say you have the intro, then you play the first verse lead w/ the guitar, then REPEAT that verse and play the lead w/ the synth and accompany w/ the guitar (backing harmony)... Then you reach 1:10 ish (it would now be later in the song though if you follow my advice with repeating the verse w/ both guitar and synth), you'd be set up to smooth out this chorus w/ synth chords instead, guitar in forefront. The rest of the song will feel better paced... And you can feel at ease to be more liberal w/ the melody in the next verse.

For verse 2, which starts at 1:30ish, after listening a few times... I think you should not even use that part yet... the part you have around 2:00 with the chords and solo might be more appropriate as a cool down section, that slowly climaxes as you solo and get real creative w/ your guitarwork... Keep it going a couple times, build it up, and then...

BAM verse 2. Re-establish the theme, w/ guitar and synth both... Then do the part that WAS at 1:30, and repeat it a couple more times, end the song, and you're done.

I am being really specific here because it's how I imagine you getting the most out of what you have. You want to lead us in, hit the listener, BAM... draw back some, give the listener some time to breathe, then build build build until you hit a climax, then keep them with you as you repeat (verse 2), and then end the song however you like...

As it is now, this song kind of keeps going without any real sense of climax... So I don't feel like I'm "there" as a listener. By the time the song ends, I am left feeling slightly confused. But the good thing is, it's got some very nice production, the overall idea is pretty creative, and your guitar playing is nice. So kudos!

Hopefully this wasn't confusing to you to read!

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Thanks. :)!! I think I need to start posting here more often. Your reply is super helpful, esspecially since I tend to have a bit of a bias on my stuff and don't see some of the obvious flaws.

The plan is definitely to redo this one (and most of my other entries) once I've improved my guitaring... by a lot. Seriously, that "solo" was pushing it as far as something I could actually pull off *palmface*. Lots to learn, lots to learn.

But your advice I'll most definitely be taking on to whatever I happen to do next (we'll see what theme next month brings at DoD).

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