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  1. When the tempo slowed and the sax started (repeated partially in the outro) I thought for sure Ballad of the Windfish was going to make an appearance. Not the type of music I listen to, however still an impressive performance and arrangement. Mixing sounded great (though I'm inclined to agree with Impluo about the kick drum) and the playing sounded very professional. Plus you guys looked like you were really getting into it during the video. Awesome stuff.
  2. "Metroid Prime" coming to a theater near you, Summer 2016.
  3. True enough. I also love me some prog rock/metal. Totally agree. The two themes really employ a similar motif, probably for the very reason you mentioned. Now I really want to go play FF9, lol.
  4. I mostly meant that I found it difficult to identify distinct drum sounds except for the occasional cymbal/hat. Alas, I am pretty bad at mixing and mastering, so my comments are strictly from the standpoint of what I was hearing rather than any kind of technical position. But it looks like Timaeus and Flexstyle have pointed out some good starting points.
  5. So I have very little experience with the DnB style... That said, I will try my best to be constructive without being harsh. The first thing I notice is the mix sounds really muddy. Everything seems to clash and try to overpower each other. Sometimes the lead comes through clear, but it only seems like that is when the bass disappears. The drums are hardly there and (to me, anyway) sound like they've been super compressed or something. Finally, I'd say the song is a bit repetitive. There doesn't seem to be much variation besides the fade outs near the end, which sounded really awkward to me. Hopefully that didn't sound too harsh. I think the piece needs a lot of work, but I hope you do go back to it at some point. If you do I'll be interested in hearing what you decide to do with it.
  6. Nice. Very chill. Seems like the covers of the two themes should be separate tracks, though. Also the transition from the electronic backed portion to the drums was kinda sudden. Advice: Keep making music!
  7. Sounds pretty good. The only thing, for me anyway, is the rhythm guitars at the beginning when there are fewer instruments playing. The palm muting sounds kinda harsh. Not entirely sure how to describe it. Its kinda jarring at first, but becomes less noticeable later as other instruments are introduced. In fact, I'm thinking maybe it needs to be that way later in the song to cut through the mix? Anywho, still a great arrangement, and once the piano is adjusted (as you've already noted) I can see this being on the front page. (Also, only a day or so O.O ... Dude)
  8. Not only did the intro sound epically familiar, but there was another part around 1.02 (by soundcloud's reckoning) that gave me some serious Star Wars vibes. Awesome stuff, as always.
  9. Not much I can say other than: This is awesome and I look forward to hearing the finished version!
  10. Thanks. I think I need to start posting here more often. Your reply is super helpful, esspecially since I tend to have a bit of a bias on my stuff and don't see some of the obvious flaws. The plan is definitely to redo this one (and most of my other entries) once I've improved my guitaring... by a lot. Seriously, that "solo" was pushing it as far as something I could actually pull off *palmface*. Lots to learn, lots to learn. But your advice I'll most definitely be taking on to whatever I happen to do next (we'll see what theme next month brings at DoD).
  11. End of the Road MP3: http://dragnbreth.com/music/Legend_of_Zelda_A_Link_to_the_Past_-_End_of_the_Road.mp3 Youtube: http://youtu.be/m8bsMdWpoUE Source: - Been a long time since I've posted anything here, mostly because I haven't felt like I've made anything worth sharing in quite some time. Not even sure this one is worth it, but it is (in my opinion) the best cover I've produced thus far. Anyway, this is a metal cover of the 'Credit Roll' music from A Link to the Past. It doesn't really stray from the original at all other than the fact that I've dropped it into a minor key. It is finished, as the thread title states, but I still welcome comments and criticism. I know its not Sixto or Nekofrog quality, but I hope someone besides myself can enjoy it
  12. Pretty awesome. As soon as the results showed over at DoD this went to my iPod. Really reminds me of Paradise Lost's "Erased." I'd have to agree with the judges that the timing seems really off in places and kinda awkward. That being said, the remix is awesome and I will continue listening to it nonetheless. Also, vocal remixes are awesome. There should be more.
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