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"Cycles" - my second EP (free music)

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mmm, some quality ambient work here, as with your last album. thoroughly enjoyed, and added to my bandcamp recommendations. :)

I particularly loved tracks 1 and 3. very reminiscent of Trifonic (if you haven't heard of them, CHECK THEM OUT). glitchy goodness.

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thanks a lot, man! really appreciate it. i've actually been a big fan of trifonic for a few years and emergence is one of my favorite albums so i'm totally flattered to hear that my stuff reminds you of them, haha. i rip them off (their sound design especially) pretty shamelessly, so i'm glad it's working in some way!

hope the ep doesn't disappoint, ectogemia! appreciate the support, man!

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this is excellent, very solid ep, i enjoyed it a lot! a lot of really neat sounds here (the piano sounding instrument on 'better unsaid' reminds me of aphex twin's piano stuff on drukqs) and storm watch is very pretty.

thanks so much, man! i'm glad you enjoyed the tunes. drukqs is such a rad album, i definitely take a lot of inspiration from it!

thanks for downloading, flexstyle! i hope you didn't hate it a lot

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