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  1. Ok, hi guys. How have you been this past year? I might compete. Anyone still looking for a teammate?
  2. Ohhhhhhhh.

    What the fuck -_-

    Come to me, come back Ecto. I will find your inner peace. I can move my hands real fast. I can make you an egg salad.

  3. Hey, dude. I've made a lot of changes in my life and reconsidered what's really important to me. The internet isn't the place for me anymore. I'm trying to simplify my life as much as possible and keep things at arm's length. This is what happens when I read too many books about Eastern philosophy :P

  4. Like, come back for your b-day? :D

  5. Where the fuck are you?? In life and stuff??


  6. BANDCAMP: 18 free tracks! I've just released the OST for Approaching Infinity, a sci-fi space roguelike. Get it while it's hot (now) and free (forever)! Hope you enjoy the music Writing a game OST has been a childhood dream since... since childhood. I couldn't have done it without the help and support of people in this community who have been instrumental in my progression as an artist since I started writing music a few years ago. Thank you. All of you
  7. ^ Truth. Sounds like we've read the same studies for once, haha ;P It isn't necessary by any means, but it does help in almost all cases unless there's a major, major excess of protein. Basic chemical equilibrium suggests that the more a reagent is pumped into a reaction, the higher the tendency for the formation of product is, and that's definitely the case with muscle synthesis. It's not totally clear where the point of diminishing returns is, though. I was eating around 180-200 g of protein per day when I was lifting, and I had really good results.
  8. Try hemp protein. It just sorta tastes nutty. It's *almost* kind of good, actually Plus, it's a whole food, just ground up hemp seeds. It's one of the few seeds with a beneficial omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acid ratio, too. And it has a ton of fiber.
  9. thx bb u2 k?

  10. hey ur sexi

  11. One is chippy. The other is fully modern electronic music. They wouldn't package together well. What'd you think of the soundtrack?
  12. Approaching Infinity. Here's an old preview of 10 of the partially mixed, totally unmastered tracks. Gonna be 18 tracks total on that soundtrack, and it should be out 5/31 or thereabouts.
  13. I just released my first game soundtrack for Beware the Bully, a 2-D platformer with retro-styled graphics, music, and gameplay. Go download it on my bandcamp or on OverClocked Records! Hope you like the tunes Another soundtrack coming very, very soon...
  14. But do you have enough muscle mass to help you get and stay lean? Every new bit of muscle mass added is that much more added to the basal metabolic rate and insulin sensitivity, both of which add up to a key factor in accelerated and sustained fat loss. That's awesome that you're getting results, but if you've increased the weight (not sure if you mean your body weight or if you mean your lifting weight) only twice in 29 days, you're getting very slow results which suggests to me that your workout routine isn't what it should be. You should increase almost daily if you're still in the beginning stages of training. I don't think for a second that you ignore anything we say, but you do seem reluctant to follow some of the advice we've been offering for a while now. If you try out some of the things we've suggested, I can guarantee without a doubt that your results will be better.
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